Study Abroad: Unveiling the Top 5 Most Expensive Countries for Student Visas

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Study Abroad: Top 4 Foreign Countries Where You Can Study in 2023
Appliants planning to study abroad should know about student visa fees for different countries. Read to know more about student visa fees.

Overseas education has a major impact not only on your professional but as well as personal growth. Students applying for admission must know the costs of student visas for different countries. However, the costs of Australia comes on the top and the USA is second on the list. 


If you are planning to apply for an Australian student visa, the average cost for the visa will be around $452, ie, INR 37K. Applicants can live, work and study in Australia for a maximum of 5 years. 

Moreover, the United States is on second on the list. The average student visa fee for the USA is around  $159, ie, INR 13K. The visa you will require will depend on the kind of school you’ll be attending and your intended course of study.

Chile is on the third number on the list of highest student visa fee in the world. The average fee is approximately $85, ie, INR 7K. Also, students planning to study in Canada have to pay the same as the Chile student visa fee, ie, $85 (NR 7K). 

Furthermore, students planning to study in Colombia have to pay around $66, ie, INR 6K. 

Study Abroad: Unveiling the Top 5 Most Expensive Countries for Student Visas

Further Insights on Visa Costs

Students who are planning to study in Mexico have to pay the least amount of fee among all the countries. The average fee for a Mexican student visa is approximately $36, ie, INR 3K only. 

Whatsoever, the country offers the most expensive work visa fee which is INR 24K. 

Additionally, the United States charges the most for a tourist visa. The average cost of a tourist visa for the USA is approximately $127 which is INR 10K. 

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