Study in Australia: Rural Campuses to Soon Build Student Accommodation as a Solution for Housing Crisis

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Several universities have started on-campus housing as well. This issue arose after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several regional Australian Universities are converting parts of their sprawling estates into accommodation. This is because several rural areas are suffering from the nationwide housing shortage.


All the universities located outside the cities are making their increasingly valuable land available to solve both institutional and community problems. One of the main problems is the housing shortage, which is increasingly worrying people.

In addition, on-campus housing began even before the pandemic began. While the administration is improving success rates and pastoral care for its students. All this gained momentum after COVID-19 put pressure on regional housing. 

Study Abroad: Rural Campuses to Soon Build Student Accommodation as a Solution for Housing Crisis

This happened at a time when city residents were working from home. In addition, several global events have also hampered construction. All of this is related to rising costs and clogged supply chains that are driving construction companies into bankruptcy. 

Universities have Come Up with a Solution

A case in point is Charles Sturt University (CSU), which is assessing current and future student accommodation needs as part of its master plan.

Following this, a spokesperson said that initial analysis showed that there was a need for more housing in Orange. He went on to say that post-Covid migration from metropolitan areas had “tightened” rental markets in most regional CSU locations with local activity.

Central Queensland University’s vice-chancellor Nick Klomp in a speech mentioned rental vacancy rates were below 1 per cent in Rockhampton. This is where the university is situated. 

He further mentioned that Australia needs to learn from past failures and focus more on housing problems. 

Another university in Australia said, Southern Cross University too gave its statement that on-campus accommodation at its Lismore and Coffs Harbour campuses is in “high demand.”

This is the best time for any student to go abroad to study in Australia as there will soon be a rise in student accommodation. For more exciting news updates, make sure you contact Leverage Edu.

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