Study Abroad in Italy: Accommodations For International Students From EU Pandemic Recovery Funds

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In an attempt to reduce the load of international students struggling with reasonable accommodations, Italy is set to spend approx. €1 Billion in creating accommodations for 100,000 international students.

Italy is home to some of the greatest Universities. However, post-pandemic the country faced reduced student migrations into the country. The Government of Italy also faced a massive demographic decline especially due to the lower number of international students. Additionally, the University of Milan stated that international students look for the campus experience. EU pandemic recovery funding made student accommodations far more comfortable and affordable in Milan.

Messina Turns Hotel Riviera Into Campus Accommodation

The University of Messina was among the first to create campus accommodations in its Hotel Riviera. The University took the Government’s cue to cut the demographic decline by inviting applications from international students. However, due to accommodation shortages there was initially a flow of only privileged international students. Simultaneously, the economically hit student population found Italy to be expensive.

With €12 million from public funding, Hotel Riviera is getting a revamp. The concept is to provide a huge residential hall for international students with a hint of a luxurious past. Thus, it is now a part of the University property. Furthermore, Hotel Liberty has joined the campus on a 15 years lease. This would be housing over 400 students, both international students and domestic students staying farther away.

Italy’s Housing Goals With EU Pandemic Recovery Fund

Salvatore Cuzzocrea, the Rector of the University of Messina, mentioned a growth in the international student population in 2022-23. 900 international students from over 70 countries after the pandemic loosened up borders. In his words, to the Times Higher Education, it is evident that he is thankful for all the international students. This is because these students are not only boosting the tourist economy but also easing the demographic decline.

65% of the EU pandemic fund for Italy moved toward housing projects for international students at the University of Messina. The total EU pandemic recovery fund was €672.5 billion. Italy used a chunk of this fund for research and innovation previously. Moreover, the Government planned ahead for the southern regions with almost €400 million. The southern areas will accommodate triple the current number of outbound students. Thus, the country aims to build a community of over 100,000 international students by 2026.

University of Milan Planning Cheap Accommodation

University of Milan Plans Accommodations For International Students From EU Pandemic Recovery Funds

International students find staying, studying, and working in Milan utterly expensive. Buried by the accommodation problem, the University of Milan also used the fund to reduce accommodation stress among students. The Deputy Rector of the University brings forth the average pricing as €600 for accommodation that students generally paid. However, the accommodation efforts of the University will house international students for just €250. The University is thus set to accommodate 258 more students with €20 million expenditure on purpose-built accommodation.

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