Study Abroad: Indonesian Minister Aims to Send 20K Students Overseas for Internships

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Indonesian ministers aim to send students to complete their internships. The students will have to enrol at a domestic polytechnic.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Indonesia has plans to send over 20,000 students overseas. This decision is for students to pursue internship opportunities for next year.


Commenting on this, the director for vocational schools at the ministry Wardani Sugiyanto stated that the targets are set high. He further stated that there are several internship opportunities in countries like Germany, Eastern Europe, Japan, Korea and others. 

The minister further stated that in order to be eligible for this, the student should be registered as a domestic polytechnic. He even urged the students who had already won the competition to further work on their products.

Study Abroad: Indonesian Minister Aims to Send 20K Students Overseas for Internships

One such example is that of, Salma Salsabil Aliyyah. She won first place in a band competition. The event happened as part of Central Java’s 17th Student Competition in 2020. She also won the best vocal category. 

What is a Polytechnic?

A Polytechnic is a diploma or vocational course wherein the institute focuses on delivering technical education. Ideally, polytechnic courses are for a period of three years. After completion of the course, the student will get the certificate.

This course takes place online where the students study for two years. After which, they return back and complete the course.

Deputy Governor of Central Java, Taj Yasin Maimoen, who had also attended the event expressed his feelings. He also said that all the winners will reach industries. The students will get a sense of pride within themselves when they will see their work being used in business. 

This event saw the participation of 1,135 people from 581 vocational schools. Moreover, all of these participants had won prizes in some or the other district and municipal-level competitions.

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