Study Abroad: 3+ Licences that will Help to Earn More in 2024 in Canada

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Study Abroad: 3+ Licences that will Help to Earn More in 2024 in Canada

Canada is known for its famous job market and varied economic options. This country also offers a variety of certificates and licenses to help increase the earning potential. Check below the list of licenses that can lead to high-paying career prospects. 


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Trade Red Seal Certification

This certification is nationally recognized for many crafts, including carpentry, plumbing, and welding. The Canadian immigration department also favors them by offering an easy pathway to permanent residency (PR). This certification will demonstrate high skill and competence in a certain trade.

Commercial Driver’s Licence (CDL)

This license is essential for those who want to work in transportation. This license permits individuals to operate commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. Jobs that require a CDL pay more per hour to truck drivers especially those who deliver harmful commodities.

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Electrician Licence

Electrical work is high in demand in Canada. A license can be earned through apprenticeships and certification programs which will help to get high-paying positions. Electricians are required in many areas such as buildings, maintenance, and manufacturing. 

Security Guard Licence

Security guards with licenses are high in demand as safety and security are required in every field. The security guards are paid more than $21 making this license a viable path for a well-paying career.

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