Study Abroad: PM Modi’s push for education will soon bring Yale, Stanford, and Oxford to India

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This will encourage foreign universities to open campuses without collaborating with local organisations.

Some international universities have already formed alliances with Indian educational institutions, enabling students to do some of their coursework there and finish their degrees on the main campus abroad.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a step toward allowing prestigious foreign universities like Yale, Oxford, and Stanford to open campuses in India and award degrees to revamp the nation’s higher education system. 

On Thursday, the regulatory body the University Grants Commission presented a draft legislation for public comment that aims to make it easier for foreign universities to operate in the nation. According to the proposal, the local campus may choose the admission standards for domestic and study abroad aspirants, the fee schedule, and the scholarship programme. The institutions will have free will to choose who they want as faculty and staff members.

Despite producing CEOs for firms like Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc., India’s institutions and colleges consistently do poorly in international rankings. To become more competitive and close the expanding gap between college curricula and market demand, the nation must expand its education sector. According to the Global Talent Competitiveness Index of 2022, which assesses a country’s capacity to develop, entice, and retain talent, it now holds 101st place out of 133 countries. 

Several colleges have already partnered with Indian educational institutions, making it possible for students who want to study abroad to complete some of their coursework there and complete their degrees on the main campus abroad. These foreign universities will be encouraged by the current course of action to establish campuses without working with regional organisations.

Prior to becoming law, the final form of the University Grants Commission bill will be presented to the parliament for approval.

Prior to this announcement, it was said that foreign colleges would require approval from the University Grants Commission in order to establish campuses in India. The initial approval would last for 10 years.

Furthermore, it was announced that foreign universities with campuses in the nation can only provide full-time programmes in a physical manner and not through online or distance learning.

Additionally, the UGC stated clearly that foreign universities must guarantee that the standard of instruction at their campuses in India is at par with that of their main campuses and mentioned that the Foreign Exchange Management Act will be followed according to situations involving money and funding.

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