Study Abroad: Indians can easily get Student Visa to Japan by just a Student ID

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The ambassador of the Japanese to India Hiroshi F Suzuki has invited Indian students and the young Indian generation to visit and study in Japan. In an interview, the Japanese ambassador said that it is very easy to get a student visa to Japan. It is possible by just presenting a student ID card to get a visa.

Within three years of graduating from universities, Indian students will be permitted to submit certificates of the status of student or graduation for visa purposes rather than submitting documents to confirm financial capability in the application for a single entry visa for a short-term stay with the purpose of tourism.

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This relaxation is to advance people’s exchanges with India including an increase in young visitors. This is to encourage people to go to Japan to get skill training and job opportunities. As stated by Hiroshi more and more Indian people come to Japan to study and work so the relationship between India and Japan gets better. 

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He also said that the exceptional and warm hospitality that the Indian people offer. They go out of their way to give such warm hospitality treat him as a family and welcome him. He also added that the difference between the two countries is the diversity of languages. In India there are so many different writings it’s like having 28 different countries as each state here represents a different country. 

It’s an open invitation for Indian youth to explore new horizons and contribute to the betterment of the Indo-Chinese relationship.

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