Study abroad: University of Technology Sydney introduces new campaign

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Study abroad: University of Technology Sydney introduces new campaign
The University of Sydney has launched a new international campaign which will allow international students as well as learners to know more about Industry 5.0

The international campaign, known as ‘Where Creativity Meets Technology’, has been introduced by the University of Technology, Sydney. This campaign is specifically targeted at Indian and other international students who have plans to study abroad in Sydney. This campaign has also targeted people from different industry interests and disciplines. 


This international campaign has positioned the University of Technology, Sydney where students will be able to showcase their strategic and creative thinking with the help of different types of emerging techniques. 

Susie Khamis, the associate professor and a reputed lecturer from the School of Communication stated that the essential skills that student develops and master such as communication skills, critical thinking skills, and analytical skills will become more important in the professional workspace by merging them with super effective Big Data and AI. 

She also said that Indian and International students studying in Sydney will be able to work with different types of modern digital technologies. This will undoubtedly help them create a positive development in their life. 

The fifth industrial revolution will work as a new era where students will be able to leverage the benefits of Industry 4.0, which is primarily focused on automation, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things. 

The campaign video released by the university academics highlights different types of key initiatives such as Partnership with the Australian surf band. The video also features the pirmary initiative to develop the climate change in Australia that are affecting marine life as well as the Great Barrier Reef. 

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