Study Abroad in Portugal: Nearly 70,000 International Students Preferred Portugal in 2021/22

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Portugal welcomed 69,965 international students in the academic year 2021/22. Out of this, the number of female students was 38,064. Most International students are opting for Management and Administration courses.

More than 69 thousand International students chose Portugal as their study-abroad destination in 2021/22. The data showed that the total number of students enrolled in Portugal’s tertiary education was 433,217. Out of this number, 363,252 were local students and 69,965 were international students. 

Statistics also showed that female students outnumbered males in enrollment in Portuguese higher studies institutions. In the year 2021/22, the female students were 38,064 as compared to 31,901 male students.

International Students Preferred Portugal

Why International Students are Choosing Portugal?

According to reports, after the International Student Statue was adopted in 2014, the number of international students in Portugal has shown an increase. The majority of the students pursued Management and Administration courses and chose colleges and universities in Porto or Lisbon.

Although more and more students are preferring Portugal for higher studies, last year many students reported accommodation issues. The rent increased three folds by the locals, making a hole in the pocket of international students. 

More than 69,271 International students settle in Portugal. While the remaining 399 students made the Autonomous Region of the Azores their new home and 299 students settled in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Most of the International students in Portugal are from the Caribbean or Latin America as compared to other Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD) and partner countries.

What Courses Are Students Choosing?

According to another report, the field of study chosen by international students is very interesting. Only five percent of the students choose subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics, and natural sciences in Portugal. On the other hand, about 20 percent of the students are selecting fields like engineering, construction, and manufacturing in the year 2020.

International students can think of Portugal as their next study-abroad destination. This is because of the great accessibility and also affordable housing costs along with other amenities. The quality of education is also remarkable which is why the student population shot up.

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