Study in US: Here Are Top Free Courses Offered By Harvard University in 2023

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These online courses offered by Harvard University will help students in developing their skills. Students can avail theses courses for free.

Harvard University is providing its students with free online courses. This will be a great choice for all those students who are looking forward to learning new skills or enhancing their old skills. Getting an opportunity to get admission to this prestigious university is not possible for everyone. However, one can still take advantage of the free courses which are provided at this university. 


Top Online Courses Provided by Harvard University

Here is the list of the top 5 courses offered by Harvard University: 

CS50’s Computer Science For Business Professionals 

This course is for business professionals who are founders, managers, project managers etc. This free course is to help one learn skills like programming languages, internet technologies, cloud computing, technology stacks etc. These skills will help one increase their efficiency and boost confidence in topics related to IT and management.

CS50’s Computer Science For Lawyers

This course is for law students who want to learn technology-informed knowledge which will help them with legal opinions and arguments. Moreover, students will get to learn new concepts like cybersecurity, cryptography and much more. 

Masterpieces of World Literature

This course is for all those who want to learn the history of world literature. By studying this subject, the students will get in-depth knowledge about the people who helped us understand today’s culture. In the end, the student will get a clear understanding of how to analyze literary works critically.

The Health Effects of Climate Change 

Harvard University introduced this course, where the student will get to learn about trending health and medicine topics. They will also get to learn about the impact of climate change on nutrition migration and infectious diseases.

By the end of this, students will get to be more aware of the earth’s atmosphere which is affecting their health. Most importantly, they also get to learn several strategies which can be adapted to change them. 

Religion Conflict and Peace

This course is for all those who want to learn the role of religion in society. Additionally, students will also get to learn about different religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and much more. 

To apply for these courses, all you have to do is visit the official website or talk to study abroad consultancies and go to the courses tab and apply. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn and study these courses, then this is the best opportunity. 

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