Study in USA: 1,730 students have been admitted to the Brown University Undergraduate class of 2027

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Study in USA: 1,730 students have been admitted to the Brown University Undergraduate class of 2027
Brown University saw the largest number of applicants to date. On March 30th these students were admitted on the basis of the University’s regular decision making process.

On 30th March, Brown University granted admission to 1,730 prospective members of the next year’s undergraduate class. The students admitted had to go through the regular decision process of the University.  The prospective students would join the 879 early decision applicants who were provided admission in December 2022.


A large number of applicants 

Study in USA: 1,730 students have been admitted to the Brown University Undergraduate class of 2027

Approximately 51,302 students have applied for Brown University’s undergraduate admissions. Among these applicants, there was an increase in applications from students who are the first in their families to attend college.  According to Logan Powell, the associate provost for enrollment and dean of undergraduate admissions, the number of applicants from low to moderate-income families has also increased.

Increase in the number of Applicants 

There is a 3% growth in student applications from rural areas and small towns,8%  from Rhode Island, and the largest group of student veterans to date. As per Powell, the increase in applications speaks volumes about Brown education. The University is excited about the increase in applications from Rhode Island and the students who are applying for financial aid.

Brown Promise Initiative 

Brown Promise Initiative is about replacing loans with scholarship funds. All university undergraduate financial awards were started in 2018. Under this initiative, the University stopped considering family home equity as an asset while calculating the financial resources of the student. Moreover, the University has set the goal of becoming fully need-blind for International student admissions. Starting with the Class of 2029, the need-blind admissions would start

Financial Aid 

Brown University’s financial aid covers full tuition fees. It is applicable to families earning $125000 or less with typical assets. The university scholarship covers full expenses for students coming from families earning less than $60,000. All expenses such as tuition fees, room, boarding, and book fees will be included in this. 


International students can take advantage of Brown University’s financial aid. 69% of students admitted are applying for financial aid. It is a 4% increase from the 2018-2019 admission cycle. The percentage reflects the success of the initiative. The University is welcoming of students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Hence, any student interested in the undergraduate program can apply to Brown University.

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