Study in Canada: Find Budget-Friendly Student Accommodations This Academic Year

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Study in Canada: Find Budget-Friendly Student Accommodations This Academic Year
Students who want to live on a budget in Canada can take the following measures to surpass the rental crisis and secure a place for themselves.

Rent prices in Canada reached another milestone by recording a new high of $2,042 in June 2023. This number is 0.9% higher than the previous highest record set in November 2022. Students can save themselves from this trend of plummeting rent hikes in Canada. 


While planning to move abroad to study in Canada students now worry about their accommodations and fear burning a hole in their pockets. However, it is possible to live on a reasonable budget in Canada with proper strategies, research and planning. 

Having accommodated many students abroad through the Fly Homes program, we have now understood market trends in Canada. Hence, we can help students find affordable options to live in Canada

Tips to Find Affordable Student Accommodation in Canada

How should a student look for affordable housing options? One can follow these tips to cut on their accommodation budget while living in Canada. 

Register at the Right Time

The rent prices rose by 1.4% from May to June. This is a very steep rise in prices. In June, the rent of a single-bedroom apartment in Toronto rises by 14.1% and for that of a double-bedroom apartment by 8.8%. 

However, this increase is due to the dates of Summer intake approaching closely. Students can avoid such situations by registering for their accommodations earlier. Also, property owners take time to approve accommodation applications, so to avoid missing out on the best prices and find a home before the commencement of your course in Canada. 

Deciding Where to Live 

Is it necessary to live in Toronto? One can compare the costs of commuting and the money spent on accommodation and decide whether to live close to the university in an expensive city or a little farther where the cost of living is lenient on the pocket. 

Find cost-effective cities to live in, in Canada and book accommodation there. This involves strategizing the study abroad journey better and with details. 

Research Thoroughly

Research is the key. It is true that students can cancel some accommodation options without any charges but booking another accommodation will take a lot of time. Therefore, it is advisable to research thoroughly and across all options. 

It will take at least a month to book the accommodation so the research should start even earlier. One should look at all aspects of finding accommodation in Canada, like affordability, proximity, neighbourhood, stores and other important places nearby. Also, research about the types of student accommodations

How to Know the Right Time and Place?

Even after researching thoroughly students might find it difficult to track all the accommodations and trends related to it. Knowing when is the right time to book, the authenticity of location and spaces available is very important but again difficult to track. Students can take help from experienced experts to solve this problem. Accommodation experts like Fly Homes take care of everything and assist the student from accommodation to relocation. 

Which is the Most Cost-Effective Option? 

Not only cost-effective but also safe and the most popular accommodation option for students in Canada is Homestays! Unlike the newly built homestays in other countries, homestays in Canada are already registered and verified. 

One can live in the safety of families in friendly neighbourhoods. Subsequently, homestays are the most cost-effective option in Canada. There is no contract to restrict your stay at the property and the rent mostly includes home-cooked meals. 

The average annual cost of staying in homestays in Canada is around 1000 – 1500 CAD. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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