Study Abroad: US F1 Visa Slots Expands Bringing Hope for Indian Students

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A recent announcement has revealed that more slots are now available for the coveted F1 visa. This update is welcome news for countless students anxiously awaiting their chance to pursue higher education in the USA


Furthermore, applications for F1 visas are now being accepted at several US consulates nationwide. The F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows international students to attend academic institutions in the USA for 5 years. 

Study Abroad: US F1 Visa Slots Expands Bringing Hope for Indian Students

After the increase in slots, students who had previously been turned down for the US F1 visa are now hopeful of studying abroad, as per Times of India report.

According to the study, given that many applicants must go to places like Delhi or Chennai to obtain visas. The US consulate in Hyderabad should make additional F1 visa openings.

F-1 Visa Appointment Slots 

Earlier in May, the US consulate in Hyderabad announced l that the visa appointments will likely begin in mid-May. The list of prohibited items was also announced, for the applicants by the US Consulate Nanakramguda facility. Read more to know more about the F1 visa update here

Of all overseas students studying in the United States, Indian students make up about 21% of the total. Almost 200,000 Indian students were studying in the US during the 2021–2022 school year.

The increase in available F1 visa slots is seen as a positive step towards easing the visa application process. However, it is expected that this change will relieve the stress on students and also contribute to strengthening the educational and cultural ties between the two nations.

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