How to Get a Student Visa to Canada from Nigeria? 

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student visa to canada from nigeria

Canada is one of the top destinations for Nigerian students to study abroad. The country has a flexible educational system, excellent research facilities, and is affordable. Moreover, the universities in Canada welcome students from diverse backgrounds. To study in Canada, a Nigerian student requires a student visa. The study permit is a document that is given to gain education from a designated learning institution or (DLI) Canada. Before applying for the visa, a student must be aware of the eligibility requirements, application process, fees, and other details. Therefore, in this blog, we have clearly explained all the information you might need to get a student visa to Canada from Nigeria. 


Eligibility Requirements for a Student Visa to Canada from Nigeria

For a student visa to Canada from Nigeria,  eligibility requirements have to be met. The following are the eligibility criteria to obtain a student visa. 

student visa to canada from nigeria
  • The applicant must be enrolled at a DLI
  • Must have sufficient funds to study in Canada
  • Must have sufficient funds to pay for the living expenses and travel expenses of themselves and their family members who will be travelling from Nigeria to Canada 
  • The applicant must also obey the law and must have no criminal record. To prove this, the student must submit a police clearance certificate 
  • Additionally, the student must be in good health and must get a medical examination
  • It is also important to provide proof of leaving Canada after completing education 

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Documentation Requirements for a Student Visa to Canada from Nigeria

To apply for a student visa to Canada from Nigeria, the student must submit several documents. These documents are as follows:

  • The applicant must have a valid passport/travel document
  • Offer letter from a recognized university in Canada (DLI)
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support themselves and their family members accompanying 
  • Must have the minimum bank balance to travel to Canada as an international student. 
  • Provide proof of having funds to pay for the tuition fees, and the return transportation of any family member accompanying the applicant. For example, a student can submit bank statements as proof of finances 
  • Provide police clearance certificate and medical certificate 
  • Photographs for visa application 
  • Proof of English language proficiency 
  • Aside from these documents, the applicant also needs to fill out the family information form, statutory declaration, statutory declaration of common law union, and use of a representative form.

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Application Process for a Student Visa to Canada from Nigeria

The application process for a student visa to Canada for Nigerian students is as follows. Note: To apply online a student must visit the official website of the Canadian Embassy. The visa application on paper is only eligible to applicants with a disability that prevents them from applying online. On-paper application is also acceptable from applicants who hold an identity document/travel document for  non-national residents, refugees or stateless persons

  • First, download the guidelines, and prepare the application package accordingly 
  • Next. complete the application form and submit the relevant documents. Make sure to print and sign the application form 
  • Thirdly, pay the application fee for an electronic travel authorization or visa. 
  • At this stage, you must submit the biometric information 
  • Pay any third-party fees (if applicable) for medical examination, police certificates, and language testing 
  • Pay the necessary fees for biometrics. However, in most cases, the visa application fee includes the biometric fees
  • Lastly, apply along with the original travel passport, 5 photocopies of the current and previous passports, and photographs. The application form can be submitted to the visa application centre to receive service in the local language and track the online application.
  • After the visa application is sent, the applicant may be required to attend the visa interview 
  • If the visa application is approved the applicant with either receive the visa at the port of entry to Canada or via email 

Processing Time of a Student Visa to Canada from Nigeria

student visa to canada from nigeria

The processing time for a student visa to Canada from Nigeria is approximately 11 weeks. However, this processing time does not include the time of taking the biometric information and the time it takes to send an application between a visa application centre and the Canada office. 

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Fees of a Student Visa to Canada from Nigeria 

The Canada student visa fees for Nigerian students are as follows. Note; the fees for visa extension applications are also provided below

Particulars $CAN
Canada student visa fees for Nigerian students 150.00
Visa fees to restore your status as a student(Restore your status ($229) and a get a new study permit ($150))379.00

Validity of a Student Visa to Canada from Nigeria 

The Canada student visa validity for Nigerians is for the course duration plus 90 days. It means the student visa holder can stay in the country throughout the course period. A 90-day extra time is given so that the student can apply for the study permit extension or to prepare for departure from Canada to Nigeria. 

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Reasons for Canada Student Visa Refusal for Nigerians

In case the Canada student visa is refused, then the applicant will receive a letter in writing. The letter will contain the reasons for the Canada student visa refusal. Some of the most popular reasons for the Canadian student visa refusal for Nigerians are as follows: 

  • Not have a valid letter of acceptance from a Canadian university
  • The student does not have proof of sufficient funds to support themselves and their family accompanying them to Canada
  • Has not cleared the medical examination (if needed)
  • The student was not able to convince the visa officer that the main purpose of visiting Canada was to study 
  • Similarly, the student was not able to convince the visa officer that the he/she will leave Canada after the completion of studies 

For any questions regarding the refusal of a student visa, the applicant must contact the visa office that sent the letter of refusal.

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Tips to Write an Effective Statement of Purpose for Canada Study Permit

A statement of purpose  (SOP)is a mandatory document that you must submit for admission to a Canadian university. Information such as your background, financial situation, academic details, professional experience, reason for applying, and current and long-term goals must be clearly stated in an SOP. Here are some tips that you help in writing an effective SOP.

  • Provide the information crisp and clear
  • Do not go into detail about family history or disclose  your financial situation
  • Write professionally and discuss life experiences  
  • Never exceed the word count, and do not flatter yourself
  • Do not use unnecessary technical terms or lie in your SOP
  • Never say the institution was your first choice 

What happens if my study permit has expired?

After your study permit has expired you can apply for a visa extension. In case, you fail to apply for a visa extension or have not met the conditions provided in the study permit you can be removed from Canada. You are not allowed to study without a permit in Canada. On the other hand, those who wish to stay in Canada after the expiry of their status as a student can apply for restoration of status. However, this must be done within 90 days of following the expiry of status as a student.


How much bank balance is required for Canada student visa?

The minimum bank balance for a Canada student visa application is around  CAD 20,635 per year. This amount is excluding the tuition fees that a student has to pay. 

Is Canada giving Nigerians visa now?

Citizens from Nigeria can travel to Canada visa-free for business, tourism, and family purposes. This has been possible under the CAN+ program. However, to study in Canada Nigerian students need a study permit. 

How much is student visa from Nigeria to Canada?

The Canada student visa fees from Nigeria are around CAD 150. To apply for a Canada student visa extension CAD 350 must be paid. 

How long does a Canada student visa take to process in Nigeria?

It can take around 11 weeks to process your Canada visa application. However, this processing time does not include the time taken to register the biometric information.

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