Spain Student Visa Process: A Comprehensive Guide

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Students from overseas who want to study in Spain need to obtain a student visa. Every year Spain welcomes thousands of students from all over the world to its Universities and Colleges. Spain is a top study destination for students who want to study here as it is renowned for its educational prestige. Spain offers various opportunities for students such as the students in Spain can work part-time jobs on their student visa. In this article, we will get to know about the Spain Student Visa and other aspects related to it.


What is the Spain Student Visa Process?

The Spain Student Visa Process involves several steps to follow but first of all the crucial thing is to get a letter of acceptance from a university located in Spain. This process involves many things to get done such as eligibility criteria should be met by the applicant, an applicant must have all the required documents to attach with the application and the student has to apply for the Visa in person at the Consular Officer while applying you went through many stages which are described below in a detailed manner.

spain student visa process

Types Of Spain Student Visa?

If you want to study in Spain and you are not from an EU country then you need a student Visa. Acquiring a Spain Student Visa is a legal requirement for non-EU citizens.

There are two types of Spain Student Visa-

  • Type D (4-6 months)
  • Open Type D (6-12 months)

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Spain Student Visa Process- Documents Required

The documents required for the Spain Student Visa are mentioned below and it is advised that one should collect documents in advance before applying for the Spain Student Visa-

  • A Visa Application Form Is required as each student who aspires to study abroad must fill out an application form.
  • A passport-size photograph of the applicant must be required against a light background.
  • A valid Passport of the applicant will be required 
  • An acceptance letter from the University or the School will be required
spain student visa process
  • A candidate has to show that he/she has sufficient funds in the bank account to bear all the expenses in Spain
  • Health Insurance is also mandatory to be provided by the candidate by any private or public entity which is authorised in Spain during the entire stay of the candidate.
  • A character certificate will be required which should demonstrate that the candidate doesn’t have any criminal history.
  • A medical Certificate will also be required which specifies that the candidate is fit and healthy.

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Spain Student Visa Process Eligibility Criteria Needed

The eligibility criteria needed for the Spain Student Visa are described below and it is crucial for the candidate to meet the eligibility criteria before applying for the Spain Student Visa-

  • Certificate of acceptance from the University located in Spain.
  • Complete information about the course must be provided by the candidate
  • A proof of Medical Insurance will be needed
  • Proof of financial source will be required which will show your capacity to bear life expenses in Spain
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency will be required
  • Complete tuition fee payment receipt will be required

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Spain Student Visa Process-How To Apply?

To apply for the Austria Student Visa detailed steps are given below and it is advised to the candidate to keep your documents fully ready before going to apply for the Austria Student Visa Process-

  • The Spain Student visa must be submitted in person by the aspiring candidate.
  • Visa applications are accepted by the Consular office which is the competitive authority that accepts visa from individuals.
  • After the submission of the application at the Consular Office, the candidate gets a receipt with the code and this code helps the candidate to track his/her application online from the website.
  •  An applicant may also get the call for an interview At the Consular Office
  • Once the decision is made on the application then the applicant can collect his/her visa from the Consulate Office within a time period of Two months.

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Cost Of Spain Student Visa

The cost for the Austria Student Visa Process is different as the different categories in it to get an idea of the cost refer to the below-given table-

Type Of VisaFee
Short Term Visa/Schengen Visa60 Dollars
Long Term Visa for Non-US citizens 80  Dollars


How long does it take to get a student visa in Spain?

Since receiving your application the processing time until approval for the student visa can take between 5 to 8 weeks. There can be a delay in this process if there is any document left or the information is not valid enough.

How do I get a visa for Spain as a student?

To get a student visa for Spain there are several steps which you have to follow such as completing the application form, fulfilling eligibility criteria and providing documents which include your passport, identification card, letter of admission from the university etc.

Can I work in Spain with a student visa?

The answer is yes you can work part-time in Spain on a student visa in any sector for 30 hours a week.it is required that the student choose the work that does not collapse the timing of the classes.

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