Post-Study Work Visa Canada: All You Need to Know

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post study work visa canada

Post Study Work Visa Canada is a work visa given to students who have graduated from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. This is a temporary visa that permits students to work for any employer in Canada for as many hours as they want. Usually, the validity of such a visa is between 8 months to 3 years.  Obtaining a Post Study Work Visa is an excellent way to gain work experience in Canada. Moreover, it opens opportunities for students to obtain permanent residency. Keep reading to learn more about Post Study Work Visa Canada. 

Post-Study Work Visa Canada Eligibility

The general eligibility criteria for a Post Study Work Visa Canada is as follows: 

post study work visa canada
  • The student must have completed a study program at a DLI and met the program requirements
  • Must have maintained the status as a full-time student in Canada during each semester. Exceptions are studying part-time during the final semester, taking an approved leave from studies, and having to stop studying or changing to part-time studies ( March 2020 -fall semester in 2020) due to the coronavirus. 
  • Additionally, the student must have a study permit that is valid within the last 180 days
  • Send an application to extend the study permit before the expiration date of the study permit. No decision must be made regarding the application.

Post Study Work Visa Canada Eligibility Exceptions 

The following categories of students are not eligible for a post study work visa Canada.

  • The study permit has expired for more than 180 days. This happened before you sent an application for the PSWV
  • The applicant has already received a postgraduate work permit
  • Moreover, the student must have studied Fench/English as a second language
  • Have undertaken general interest or self-improvement courses
  • The applicant has received funding from the GAC
  • Have participated in the Government of Canada Awards Program
  • Received the equal equal opportunity scholarship (Canada -Chile)
  • Canada–China Scholars’ Exchanges Program Participation
  • Organization of American States Fellowships Program Participation
  • Have completed a major portion of the education program through distance learning. That is, online courses, e-learning, or correspondence)
  • Studied at a  non-Canadian institution located in Canada
  • Studied at a DLI that is not eligible for PGWP. That is, even programs that are conducted on behalf of PGWP-eligible DLI through a curriculum licensing agreement.

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In Case of Passport Expiry Before PGWP

In case the passport of the applicant expires before the PGWP.  The following things will be taken into consideration.

  • The application must make sure that the passport is valid for the entire duration of the PGWP
  • In case of passport expiry, the PGWP will be issued till the expiry date of the passport. The applicant will be told if there is any need to extend the passport to obtain the full benefits of the PGWP. Extension is not possible without permission from the Canadian embassy.

Post Graduate Work Visa Validity 

The Post Graduate Work Visa Canada validity depends on the duration of the study program. Starting from February 15, 2024, those graduating from an MA degree program for less than 2 years (8 months minimum) are eligible for a PGWP for 3 years. 

MA Degree Programs
Particulars Validity
Program less than 8 months Not eligible for PGWP
The program was at least for 8 months 3 years
All Other Programs 
Particulars Validity
Program less than 8 months Not eligible for PGWP
The program was at least for 8 months Same length as the length of the study program
The program was 2 years or more 3 years
Completed more than 1 program PGWP combines the length of each program (not eligible if you have already received PGWP after previous course completion)

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Documentation Needed for Post Study Work Visa Canada 

The following documents are essential before applying for a Post Study Work Visa Canada. These documents are as follows:

  • Must have a diploma or degree certificate
  • Have received an official letter from the school
  • Have an official transcript or a copy of the same
  • Any other additional documents as required by the government

Application Process for Post Study Work Visa Canada 

The application process for a post-study work visa is as follows. Note; the application can be made even if the candidate is living outside the country. However, the eligibility requirements must be met. Students have a total of 180 days to apply for a PGWP.

  • While applying confirm that you have attended and completed the program. Also, confirm the program details such as program name, and length of the program.
  • Submit the relevant documentation such as a degree or diploma 
  • In case the study permit expires before the results of the exam are out the applicant can either apply for a visitor record or leave Canada and apply for PGWP
  • In case the study permit expires before sending the application- the student will have 9- days to apply for a study permit and restore the status as a student. Another way, is ti apply for as a visitor in Canada
  • To restore the status as a student the applicant will have to apply online for a PGWP. The post-study work visa fee is $255. An additional fee of $379 has to be paid to restore your status as a student. The application to restore status as a student must be made within 90 days or else the student will have to leave the country

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How Much of your Online Studies Count Toward a PGWP?

Those who have studied online at a PGWP-eligible Designate Learning Institution can apply for a post-study work visa in Canada. However, this has to be between March 2020 and August 31, 2022. Policies have changed and as of September 1, 2022, this facility is no longer available. The program time will not be considered for a PGWP.  On the other hand, those who have undertaken online studies must make sure that they have completed 50% of the course in class. If this criterion is met, the time of the online studies will be counted for a PGWP.

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Can I Work in Canada While the Post Study Work Visa is Being Processed?

Yes. It is possible to work in Canada while the post-study work visa is being processed. Full-time working is permitted till the decision on the PSWV is made. However, to work in Canada the applicant must have a valid study permit, and must complete the study program. The student must have been eligible to work off campus, and have never worked more time in Canada than it was permitted. In case these conditions are not met, the applicant must wait for the decision to be made before working in the country.

PSWV Guidelines Regarding Spouses/ Common-Law Partners

If the post-study work visa has been approved for a student, then their spouses may be eligible for an open work permit. To know the type of work permit they are eligible for applicants must visit the official website of the Government of Canada. 

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How long is the post study work visa for Canada?

The validity of a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) is between 8 months-3 years. Unless the student has graduated from an MA program, the length of the course will be the same as the length of the course. 

Can I get work permit in Canada after study?

Yes. It is possible to obtain a work permit in Canada. The application for the same can be sent either when you are inside Canada or outside the country, However, the eligibility criteria for the work permit has to be met.

Who is eligible for PSW in Canada?

Applicants must have graduated from a college that is a designated Learning Institute to be eligible for PSW. Similarly, those who have received a notification that they are eligible to receive a graduate degree from their respective institute in Canada can also apply.

We hope you now understand what is Post Study Work Visa Canada. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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