TOEFL Listening: Listening Task 7 (Gist Content Questions)

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Listening Task 7 (Gist Content Questions)

The gist of something is the main point or key idea. Gist-content questions require you to determine the primary subject or concept discussed in the listening conversation or lecture.


Gist-Content Questions are Typically Phrased as Follows:

• What are the speakers mainly discussing?

• What is the main topic of the lecture?

• What is the lecture mainly about?

What is the lecture mainly about?

a. The similarities among some religions

b. Why religion is more public than individual

c. Aspects of funeral rituals that are similar among religions

d. How religion can be examined from a social perspective

Tips to Remember

  • Actively listen for the main topic and primary points.
  • Ignore minor details and focus on the big picture.
  • Take brief notes to capture key ideas.
  • Identify the central theme or subject.
  • Consider the context and speaker’s tone.

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