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IELTS Score for Australia: Australia, a land renowned for its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and impressive feats of human engineering, beckons international students seeking a world-class education. Fortunately, many prestigious Australian universities accept the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores, streamlining the application process for international applicants.


The widespread acceptance of IELTS eliminates the hurdles of expensive alternative tests or travel restrictions. This creates a wealth of exciting academic prospects for students from around the globe. By leveraging your IELTS scores, you can unlock doors to a transformative educational experience in Australia. This blog delves deeper into the details of IELTS requirements for Australian universities, equipping you with the knowledge to embark on your academic journey. Read the complete blog to learn more about ‘IELTS score for Australia’. 

What is a Good IELTS Score for Australia?

Many aspirants intending to pursue their higher education often ponder upon the question: “What constitutes a good  IELTS score for Australia?”. While a definitive “perfect” IELTS score for Australian universities doesn’t exist, the following information will provide a solid foundation for understanding these institutions’ IELTS score requirements. Have a look:

  • To succeed in your academic journey at a prestigious Australian university, demonstrating strong English language proficiency is paramount. While the baseline requirement for undergraduate programs sits at a competitive 6.0 overall on the IELTS test, aiming for a score of 6.5 will position you ideally for postgraduate studies.
  • This score signifies a level of fluency that allows you to not only comprehend complex academic lectures and texts but also actively participate in discussions and express yourself clearly in written assignments.
  • However, universities understand that excelling in specific fields may necessitate an even higher level of English proficiency.
  • For disciplines like medicine, teaching, and nursing, where clear and confident communication is crucial, institutions often set stricter IELTS score requirements. This ensures that students can not only grasp intricate medical terminology or educational concepts but also effectively convey them to patients, students, or colleagues.
  • Therefore, by striving to achieve a competitive IELTS score that meets or exceeds both national and university-specific requirements, you’ll be well-equipped to thrive in a dynamic Australian academic environment.
  • This strong foundation in English will empower you to actively engage in classroom discussions, grasp complex concepts with ease, and excel in your chosen field of study.

5+ Universities Accepting IELTS Score in Australia: Minimum Score Requirement and Ranking 

Across Australia, a strong indicator of English proficiency for admission to most universities is an IELTS band score of 6.5 to 7.0. This score demonstrates a level of fluency that allows you to comfortably navigate academic life in Australia. Here are the best Australian universities that accept IELTS scores. Refer to the table to go through the list of universities and their minimum IELTS requirement. 

Name of the University Minimum IELTS Score Requirement QS Ranking 2024 
Australian National University (ANU)6.5#34
University of Melbourne 6.5#14
University of Sydney6.5#19
University of New South Wales6.0#19
Monash University7.0#42
University of Queensland6.0#43
University of Adelaide6.5#89
Curtin University – Australia6.5#183
La Trobe University6.5#242
University of South Australia7.0#326

9+ IELTS Accepting Universities in Australia 2024: Fees and Top Courses  

Australia is a dream destination for many international students, offering a world-class education, a vibrant culture, and stunning natural landscapes. To pursue higher education in Australia, demonstrating English language proficiency is essential. Luckily, most Australian universities accept IELTS scores. 

That said, refer to the table given below to have a look at our curated list of some of the best Australian universities that accept IELTS scores, along with their tuition fees and some of their most popular courses. This information will help you shortlist the universities that best suit your academic goals and budget.

Name of the University Annual Fees for International Students Top Courses
Australian National University (ANU)AUD 29,000- AUD 52,000Arts, society and culture.
University of Melbourne AUD 16,200 to AUD 97,200Agricultural Sciences, Arts 
University of SydneyAUD 41,500 to AUD 54,000Physical Sciences, Business & Economics
University of New South WalesAUD 40,710 to AUD 45,030Engineering Technology, Life Science 
Monash UniversityAUD 44,800 to AUD 50,200Computer Science, Pharmacy
University of QueenslandAUD 25,600 to AUD 91,421 Science, Business
University of AdelaideBusiness, Architecture
Curtin University – AustraliaAUD 27,000 to AUD 39,800Business, innovation, management

IELTS Score For Australia: Universities Accepting a Minimum Band Score of 6 

Refer to the table given below to go through the list of universities in Australia accepting a band score of 6.0- 6.5. 

Name of UniversityIELTS Band Requirement for Australia
Victoria University6.5
Torrens University6.5
International College of Management, Sydney6.0-6.5
CQ University Australia6.0
Charles Darwin University6.0
Charles Sturt University6.0
University of Canberra6.0
Swinburne University of Technology6.0

How To Send Your IELTS Score to Australian Universities?

There are two main ways to send your IELTS score to Australian universities:

1. Electronic Score Report (ESR) by Test Taker Portal:

  • This is the preferred and most recommended method.
  • When registering for your IELTS test, you can choose up to five universities to receive your scores electronically for free.
  • You’ll need the universities’ specific institutional test report form codes during registration. These codes can be found on the universities’ websites or application portals.
  • The IELTS test centre will securely send your scores directly to the universities after your results are released.

2. Sending a paper Test Report Form (TRF):

  • This method is less common and may incur additional fees.
  • You can request a paper TRF from your test centre after receiving your results.
  • You’ll need to complete a Test Report Form Request application and potentially pay a fee (usually around $AUD 30 per additional report).
  • Send the completed form and any required fees to your test centre.
  • Once processed, the test centre will mail your paper TRF directly to the universities you designate.
  • Ensure you check the application deadlines for each university and submit your IELTS scores well in advance.
  • Some universities may have specific requirements for submitting IELTS scores. It’s always best to check the admissions website of each university you’re applying to for any additional instructions.
  • IELTS scores are generally valid for two years from the test date.

So that was all about the IELTS score for Australia. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q1. What is the average IELTS score requirement in Australia? 

Ans: The average IELTS  score requirement for Australia universities ranges between 6.0 and  6.5.  

Q2. What are the best IELTS-accepting universities in Australia? 

Ans: Some of the best IELTS-accepting universities in Australia are Victoria University, Torrens University, and La Trobe University. 

Q3. What is the scoring range of the IELTS? 

Ans: The score range of the IELTS  exam is 0 to 9.  

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