🍁SAT in Canada 2024: Check Top SAT Accepting Universities in Canada

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SAT in Canada

The SAT, a standardised test widely used for entrance purposes in colleges around the world, can be your gateway to pursuing your dream of studying in Canada. Due to its widespread acceptance by most global academic institutions, most prestigious universities in Canada now accept SAT results for entrance purposes. 


Not only does Canada accept SAT scores for entrance, but it also provides lucrative  SAT scholarships to students who aspire to pursue higher education in Canada but are unable to do so owing to financial restraints. In this blog, we will delve into the best SAT scholarships, top SAT-accepting universities, and what constitutes a good SAT score in Canada.

Name of the examSAT 
Duration3 Hours 15 Minutes (without essay)
3 hours 50 Minutes (with essay) 
Score Range 400-1600
Questions 154
Registration Fees $60

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🎓Best SAT Scholarships in Canada

As studying in Canada can be an expensive affair for many individuals, the country provides several scholarships to students who want to further their education. These scholarships are intended to provide financial assistance to meritorious students who want to study in Canada but are unable to do so due to financial constraints. The majority of these scholarships are given to students based on their merit and financial need. The following are some of the greatest SAT scholarships available in Canada. 

Name of Scholarship Provided ByEligibility Criteria Grant Covers
University of Toronto Scholars Programme The University of Toronto First year UG applicants are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme. 7,500 CADTuition Fees
Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award The University of British Columbia Must have a verified Canadian Student Visa. 
Must have a good academic track record. 
Must provide proof of financial requirement. 
25,000 CADTuition Fees+Accommodation 
McGill Entrance Scholarship ProgramMcGill University Must have a decent academic track record. 
Must have good SAT scores. 
Must be able to provide proof of financial requirement 
3,000-10,000 CADTuition Fees
International Entrance Leadership ScholarshipUniversity of Alberta Must be an undergrad student. 
Must have a verified Canadian Student Visa. 
Must have an admission average of 80% and above. 
5,000 CADTuition Fees
Undergraduate Scholars Entrance ScholarshipSimon Fraser University Must have a good academic track record. 
Must have secured grades in the 90% range in higher secondary classes. 
20,000 CADTuition+Living Expenses 

🏢Top SAT-Accepting Universities in Canada

Individuals intending to study undergraduate programmes in Canada can certainly submit their SAT scores to their preferred universities (as most Canadian universities accept SAT scores for admission purposes). However, if you want to study at one of Canada’s finest universities, check out the list below. Here are the top SAT-accepting universities in Canada. 

Name of University Minimum SAT Requirement 
University of Toronto 1350 or above 
University of British Columbia1400 or above 
McGill University 1460 or above 
University of Ottawa        1000 or above 
University of Calgary   1100 or above 
University of Saskatchewan  1100 or above 
University of Alberta       1200 or above 
McMaster University    1200 or above 
University of Waterloo       1200 or above 
University of Montreal     1400 or above 

💯What is a Good SAT Score in Canada? 

A SAT score of 1200 to 1400 will help you gain admission to one of Canada’s many prestigious universities. Individuals seeking admission to Canada’s most prestigious universities, therefore, must strive for this score range. It is recommended that students evaluate the SAT requirements of their chosen university before taking the test and prepare accordingly. The exam can be both scoring and tough, so you must give it your best while preparing for it, as achieving SAT scores between 1200 and 1400 is not an easy task. 

You may look into the SAT score range required for admission by visiting the official website of your selected university. Aside from that, you could contact the admissions office at your preferred university. As a competitive candidate, you should aim for a score that ranks above 50% of admitted students.

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1. How much does the SAT cost in Canada?

The SAT registration fee costs around $60 in Canada. An additional cost of  $43 is charged as a regional fee for students taking the exam in Canada. 

2. How to apply for the SAT in Canada?

You can directly apply for the SAT test online through the website of the College Board. 

3. Which universities in Canada accept SAT?

Some of the most prominent universities in SAT that accept SAT scores are the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia and the University of Montreal 

The SAT has gained a considerable amount of prominence in Canada as a crucial part of the university admissions process, particularly for international students. Not only that, top SAT performers are offered lucrative scholarships by Canadian universities, making it possible for many bright individuals to pursue their dream of studying in Canada. 

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