SAT Exam Syllabus 2024: Check Section-Wise Syllabus & Exam Pattern

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SAT Exam Syllabus

The SAT exam in full form is the Scholastic Assessment Test. It is an entrance examination that prospective undergraduate students take to study abroad. The SAT exam syllabus includes 2 main sections. That is, the reading section, writing and language section, and math section. It is important that students know the SAT exam syllabus before appearing in the examination. It will help students to prepare for the examination thoroughly. Moreover, it will help students to manage time effectively. Therefore, in this blog, we have provided the detailed SAT exam syllabus.


SAT Exam Pattern 2024

The SAT examination pattern contains 2 sections. These sections have different time limits allotted. The SAT exam syllabus and pattern are as follows. Do note that the reading and writing sections have been combined since 2023. Earlier, they were 2 separate sections.

Exam SectionTask TypeNo. of QuestionsSAT Exam Duration
Reading and writing MCQ5464 minutes
MathMCQ4470 minutes
TotalN/A982 hrs and 24 minutes

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SAT Exam Syllabus 2024: Digital Reading & Writing 

The SAT digital Exam syllabus for reading and writing are as follows:

SAT Reading & Writing Section AreasQuestion DistributionWeightage Skill / Knowledge Testing Areas
Craft and Structure13-1528% Words in Context,Cross-Text, Text Structure and Purpose, Connections
Information and Ideas12-1426% Command of Evidence based on – Textual and Quantitative Inferences, andCentral Ideas and Details
Expression of Ideas8-1220% Rhetorical Synthesis Transitions
Standard English Conventions11-1526% BoundariesForm, Structure, and Sense

Types of Questions in the Reading & Writing Test

The SAT Exam Syllabus contains several questions. The different types of questions asked in the reading and writing test are as follows:

  1. Craft & Structure- The comprehension, analysis, vocabulary, synthesis, and reasoning skills of the candidate are tested. The test takers have to evaluate texts and make connections between the provided related terms.
  2. Information & Ideas-  Use the knowledge and skills to evaluate and integrate information and ideas from the text given and the graphics that contain information.
  3. Standard English Conventions- Use language skills and editing skills to improve the text using proper sentence structure, and punctuation.
  4.  Expression of Ideas-  Revise texts to improve the effectiveness of the content to meet the specific rhetorical goals.

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SAT Exam Syllabus 2024: Math

The SAT exam syllabus for mathematics for the year 2024 is as follows:

SAT Math SectionQuestion DistributionWeightage Skill / Knowledge Testing Areas
Algebra13-1535% Nonlinear equations in one variable and systems of equations in two variables, Equivalent expressions, etc
Advanced Math13-1535% Problem-solving and Data Analysis
Geometry and Trigonometry5-715%Lines, angles, and triangles, Area and volume, etc
Problem- Solving and Data Analysis5-715%Percentages, Ratios, rates, proportional relationships, and units, Two-variable data: models and scatter plots, etc

SAT Exam Syllabus Maths is Difficult or Easy?

The SAT exam math syllabus is high school level. However, the exam questions can be asked with a twist. Some questions can be uncertain as well. Therefore, those who have prepared mathematics well in their high school can find the exam to be easy. Others can find it to be difficult. Moreover, the difficulty level of the  SAT exam syllabus can vary from individual to individual. The reason is, that every candidate has a different baseline level of expertise in SAT subjects.

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1. Is SAT exam hard?

Yes. SAT examination can be challenging owing to the time constraints, and the format of the questions. In fact, the PSAT exam, the shorter practice test, is considered to be easier than SAT. However, with adequate preparation SAT examination can be cleared.

2. Is SAT easy for Indian students?

The SAT examination is challenging. However, it is not that difficult to crack the examination. With adequate preparation it is possible to score well in the examination.

3. Is IIT tougher than SAT?

Yes. The SAT examination is an easier examination compared to IIT examinations. Hence, it is easier to clear the exam compared to JEE Mains or Advanced.

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