Festival Vocabulary IELTS: Words, Synonyms and More

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IELTS is a standardized English Proficiency Test that is attempted by lakhs of students each year. The test is conducted to evaluate candidates speaking, writing, and listening skills. At the time of taking this English proficiency test, you could be asked to explain or speak about the festival or celebration. Enhancing festival vocabulary for IELTS is mandatory to answer festival-related questions. In this blog, we will cover about Festival related vocabulary that can improve your IELTS score. 

Importance of Festival Vocabulary?

Learning random words doesn’t enhance your English vocabulary. You need to research and find out which topics are important and frequent in the exam. Festivals are one such topic. Here are some reasons why you should focus on learning Festival vocabulary for IELTS. 

  • Festivals are a very trending topic. 
  • Festivals are an important part of every country and, represent the values as well as the culture of the nation. Thus it is a common topic in the IELTS exam.
  • Learning festival vocabulary will help you to write an essay or speak on related topics in the IELTS exam.
  • Learning festival vocabulary will help you to understand and comprehend festival-related comprehensions as well as audio in a better way. 

Festival Vocabulary IELTS

While learning festival vocabulary for IELTS make sure you are learning about festivals that are celebrated around the world. Here are some popular words related to festivals.  

Words Meanings 
April fool  A day to prank people 
New Year Celebrating the beginning of a year 
New Year eve Last evening of the year 
Pancake day  National Holiday for celebrating Harvest festival 
Parade  Public procession to celebrate an event 
Ramadan Muslim festival where they keep fast 
Shrove Tuesday Celebration before Ash Wednesday
Thanksgiving  National Holiday for celebrating Harvest Festival 
Wreath  A ring of flowers used for decorating Christmas trees 
Ash Wednesday First day of lent 
Baptism Diping a person in the water for purification in Christianity 
Bar Mitzvah Jewish ceremony when a boy reaches the age of 13
Carnival Celebrated a week before lent
Christening Naming and baptizing of a baby
Christmas The annual festival of Christians, celebrating Jesus’ birth 
Boisterous  Celebrating a festival in a lively way 
Mid-autumn festival A festival where people bake cakes and stare at the moon 
Dragon-boat festival A festival where there is a race of dragon boats 
Halloween  Festival celebrating the return of spirits to home 

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Festival Synonyms 

Festival in simple words means celebration regarding any cultural or religious aspect. To enhance your writing and speaking skills we have compiled a list of synonyms related to Festivals. 

  • Carnival 
  • Jamboree
  • Festivities
  • Ceremony 
  • Cultural celebration 
  • Celebration 
  • Jollity
  • fest 
  • Gala

Tips to Enhance IELTS Vocabulary 

English is continuously expanding and evolving, you need to enhance your vocabulary to improve your language fluency. Here are some tips to increase your vocabulary 

  • Find the meaning of words that you read anywhere that you don’t know, and be curious to find the meaning behind every word that you come across. Google the word on your phone.
  • Practice making sentences with the new word that you have learned recently. This will help you to understand the context of the word in a better way. 
  • Use flashcards to write down the terms you are learning. Revise them daily to remember them. You can also use your notes on your phone to write down the words and review them in your free time. 
  • You can also play word games and crosswords to learn new words in an exciting way. You may also try attempting some exciting quiz games that test your vocabulary. 
  • Watching plays a powerful role in enhancing vocabulary. Switch on your subtitles when you are watching something. Visuals along with audio and subtitles have a great impact and help you in learning new terms. You understand the meaning and context of the word in a better way. 


What is the meaning of festivals IELTS?

Festival is a very common topic in IELTS. In simple words means celebration regarding any cultural or religious aspect. A Festival is a happy event when friends and family get together and celebrate.

Why is the importance of IELTS vocabulary?

It plays a really important role in this English proficiency test. IELTS Vocabulary carries 25% weightage in both writing and speaking sections.

Is the festival topic important for IELTS?

Yes, Festival related questions are often asked in the speaking section of IELTS. At the time of the Speaking or writing test, you may face questions related to IELTS Exam.

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