PTE Essay New Changes in 2023

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PTE Essay New Changes

A number of exciting updates will be coming to Pearson’s PTE Academic on November 16th as part of its commitment to innovation and improvement. To ensure that PTE Academic test questions and performance are running as efficiently as possible, the PTE Academic research team constantly analyses and monitors the test questions and performance. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the test.

With the objective of shortening the length of PTE Academic, the PTE team analyzed several sources of information and developed a two-hour test that provides the same degree of accuracy and reliability as the three-hour test. As a result of these changes, both PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI are expected to be affected.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? You’ll spend less time testing, and more time doing what you want.

We’ll look at this in more detail now.

Particulars Relevant Details
ExaminationThe Pearson Test of English (PTE)
Type of PTEThree Types: PTE Academic, PTE General, and PTE Young Learner
PTE Eligibility CriteriaPTE Academic: 16 Years and Above
PTE General: Anyone is eligible to apply for PTE Young Learner. – 13 – 16 Years
PTE Score ValidityPTE Academic: 2 years
PTE General: lifetime
PTE Young Learner: lifetime
Registration FeesINR. 15,900
Mode of ExaminationOnline

Here’s What’s Going to Change

This two-hour test will offer all the key features of the academic version of PTE; it will be highly accurate, secure, and provide fast results. It will also be widely accepted and recognized since this timeframe is shorter, and more convenient than the academic version.

There will be a reduction in questions presented for some question types, so the overall range of questions presented will be 52-64 instead of 70-82. A PTE Academic test will not include a minimum or maximum number of questions, but rather a range of questions.

In addition, the optional 10-minute break has been removed so that you can complete the test more quickly. Before your test, make sure to visit the restroom and grab a drink!

Questions in PTE Academic remain the same. There will still be 20 types of questions to choose from. A few of these will, however, be lowered in frequency. 

Students don’t have to make any changes to their preparation since the question types aren’t changing.

Benefits of the New PTE Changes

More Flexibility

One of the benefits of the changes is that the test takers will now have more flexibility and time to prepare for other activities such as work or other academic pursuits. This means that the test can now be taken more easily, with fewer disruptions to one’s daily life.

The PTE Academic test is widely recognized by universities and governments around the world, so it’s important to keep in mind that this shorter version of the test will be just as reliable and accurate as the previous version. This means that universities and governments will still use the PTE Academic test as a measure of a student’s English proficiency.

Faster Access to Results 

In addition, the new changes will also mean that PTE Academic test takers will have access to their scores much faster. According to Pearson, test takers can expect to receive their results within two to three business days, which is faster than many other English language proficiency tests.

It’s also worth noting that there are no changes to the test format or content, so test takers will still be expected to demonstrate their English language skills across all four sections of the test: Speaking and Writing, Listening, and Reading.

To prepare for the test, test takers should still practice their English language skills regularly and familiarize themselves with the format and types of questions asked in the PTE Academic test. There are many resources available, including practice tests and study materials, to help test takers improve their skills and achieve their desired score.


What are the changes in the PTE exam 2023?

The 3 Hour Test has been reduced to a 2 Hour Test now 

Which section is the most difficult in the PTE test?

The PTE test is divided into three sections: writing, reading, and listening. Students may consider the PTE reading test to be the most difficult of the three components. This is because students focus their preparation on writing and listening tasks and end up losing significant scores in the reading part.

What is the lowest passing score in PTE?

The PTE score is scaled from 10 to 90 points, with a score of 10 representing the lowest PTE score and an increase of 1 point.

How do you clear the PTE Exam on the first attempt?

Applicants who plan the PTE test schedule and attend several practice sessions for each area can clear the PTE test on their first try. Students should also pursue a strong PTE preparation approach and, if needed, expert PTE counselling.

In conclusion, the changes to the PTE Academic test in November 2023 will provide test takers with a shorter, more efficient, and equally reliable test experience. With faster access to results, test takers can now receive their scores within a shorter time frame, giving them more time to plan their future activities. As always, it is important to prepare well in advance, practice regularly, and take advantage of the resources available to achieve the desired score.

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