PTE Academic vs PTE General

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PTE Academic vs PTE General

PTE Academic vs PTE General: PTE, the Pearson Test of English, assesses the English proficiency of those aspiring to study abroad whose native language isn’t English. There are two types of PTE: academic and general. Many students wonder. What is the difference between PTE academic and PTE general?

There are two parts to this test: PTE Academic and PTE General. In this article, we will look at what makes PTE academics different from PTE General. The following points will clear up any doubts you may have.

The Pattern of the Exam

Here is the detail about the pattern of the exam for PTE Academic vs PTE General:

  • PTE Academic

There are four areas of judgment in PTE Academic. These are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

This is a computer-based test microphone included. Speaking and listening sections are assessed using the microphone. Computer algorithms help in attaining the scores that have been designed using thousands of human-marked tests. The test is one-level only.

  • PTE General

PTE general exam has two main sections; written and spoken tests. The written part further splits into listening, reading comprehension, and writing sections. There are six levels to the test based on the CEFR levels, you can start taking the test from level 1 and gradually move through to advance your English proficiency.

Score Validity

This is important because students should know what time span are their scores valid and also wouldn’t want to give an exam and later realise that their scores were not valid for the university or country they were planning for.

  • PTE Academic

The PTE academic test results are valid for only two years starting from the result’s date, whereas

  • PTE General

The PTE general test score does not have an expiry date. It is valid forever. Once you have taken this test, you will have an added benefit when shifting abroad, even if you are not sure of the dates.

Registration Process 

Here are the details about the registration process for both the PTE Academic vs PTE General:

  • PTE Academic

For the PTE Pearson Academic Test, one can register online at the Pearson official website.

  • PTE General

For the PTE General English test, one can register online using the Edexcel Online system.

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Purpose of Taking

It is essential to know the purpose of taking an exam to make sure your aims and goals related to the exam are aligned with the exam.

  • PTE Academic

PTE Academic is for candidates who want to study in countries where the primary medium of communication is English. PTE Academic score is a highly important factor for admission in Australia and New Zealand.

  • PTE General 

On the other side, the candidates who are willing to either study or work abroad take PTE general. PTE general score is accepted almost in all universities around the globe.

Time Duration 

Time duration plays a crucial role in knowing how to tackle the exam and how to strategize your preparation.

  • PTE Academic

The candidates have three hours to complete this test.

  • PTE General

The time of this test depends upon the level you are taking. The minimum duration to complete this test is 90 minutes, while the maximum is three hours.

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Test Dates

Test cycles and dates are essential for a student to know because they can help them plan out their preparation time and also know how much time they have in hand to prepare for the exam with ease. 

  • PTE Academic

Candidates willing to take PTE Academic can get the PTE academic test dates throughout the year – there are almost 200 PTE test centres where PTE academic is conducted nearly 360 days in a year.

  • PTE General

For PTE general training, there are 3 particular slots. Candidates need to book their slot for May, June or December for PTE general.

Exam Retake

Here are the details about the exam retake for PTE General and PTE Academic:

  • PTE Academic

According to the PTE retake policies, a candidate is allowed to book a test date after 5 days of the previous attempt. Plus, the new appointment must be taken within six months of the previous PTE attempt.

Once the candidate passes the test, they are not allowed to take the test again within the period of two years.

  • PTE General

There is no option to retake PTE.

What is the Best Way to Prepare for the PTE Test?

It is obvious that the students get overwhelmed while preparing for the PTE test. However, they can prepare for it in advance by keeping the below-mentioned pointers in mind.

Make a Plan that Works for You

When you prepare for the PTE test, you can outshine your competitors if you create a plan before you take the test. Based on your strength and weakness, divide each level of the assessment into time slots.

Study Cycle: How Do You Begin?

It is recommended that you start with your strongest sections and gradually progress to your weakest ones. By doing so, you will gain confidence at the beginning of the preparation process, making it much easier for you to continue. Practising this daily will help you prepare better.

For This Exam, How Much Time Should I Spend Each Day?

To ace this test, it does not matter what time of day you study. It depends on how well you understand. It is recommended that you study for two to three hours per day. It is ideal to begin preparing for the exam four to six weeks before it takes place. As a result, the chances of passing the exam increase.

Is it Possible to Master Each Section Separately?

It is recommended that one devotes at least thirty minutes to each section in both papers provided that one has the same level of proficiency in all four. Feel free to extend any section if it requires more time.

It remains a constant requirement, regardless of which test you take, to be able to communicate effectively in English. Your preparation for the PTE will definitely pay off if you put all your effort into it.

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