Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Describe a skill that you want to learn. 

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Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Describe a skill that you want to learn. 

Q. Describe a skill that you want to learn. 

Ans. One skill that has always intrigued me was learning how to play the piano. Its wide range of notes and the ability to play multiple notes with both hands simultaneously have always fascinated me. It is a versatile instrument that can produce both powerful, deep and soft, delicate memories. Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” is a great example of the piano’s ability to produce soft, delicate melodies, while his “Symphony No. 5” showcases its power and depth.  


I am drawn to the piano because of its prominent role in diverse genres of music, ranging from classical to jazz, pop, and even rock. Its universal appeal transcends cultural and musical boundaries. I am constantly amazed by pianists like Lang Lang and Yuja Wang, renowned for their expressive playing styles. They not only master the notes but also convey the emotions behind the music, enriching the listening experience with depth and emotion. 

Learning piano is not just about the technical aspects of playing an instrument, it also involves learning to express oneself through music. I believe that studying piano will enable me to truly appreciate music on a deeper level while fostering discipline, patience, and creativity. Moreover, playing the piano has numerous cognitive benefits, including improved memory, enhanced multitasking skills, and mood elevation.

To conclude, learning piano is a journey and I know it will require time, effort and dedication, but I am ready to embrace challenges and strive for excellence in mastering this instrument.

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