9 Last-Minute PTE Test Tips

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Faster heartbeat rate, butterfly in your stomach, anxious about how you will perform? If you are looking for last-minute tips a day before your PTE Test, don’t worry, we are here to help you with some of the best advice to help you crack the PTE Test. But before we begin, here we have some common tips for overall performance. Read these carefully and try to implement them carefully in your routine.

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General Tips to Ace PTE Exam

Let us begin with some of the general tips to ace the PTE exam.

  • Start practising for different sections like speaking, listening, writing and reading in English. Maintain a journal to track your improvement in writing skills, read a good amount of books and newspapers to improve your vocabulary skills, listen to the radio and watch English content (if possible, with subtitles). Remember practice is the key to success.
  • Work on your weak points to improve but do not forget to focus on your strengths. 
  • Make sure to carry the correct documentation and Identity card to the test centre on the day of the PTE examination. Without proper and correct documentation and ID, you won’t be allowed to appear on the PTE exam.
  • Reach the examination centre on or before the reporting time. Keep plenty of time in hand in case of an emergency.
  • Once you are seated, make sure that your assigned devices-keyboard, microphone, and headphones/earphones are working properly.
  • Keep track of time. Use the given time judiciously. 
  • Do not submit your essay before the time ends. Review and revise it one last time. It is good to check for typos, punctuation, and repetition of words. 
  • Do not panic if you are unable to recall something you have revised, take deep breaths – Move on to the next question.
  • Use the restroom before the commencement of the examination. You get only 2 hours to complete the PTE Test without a break.

PTE Speaking Test Tips

  • Most non-native speakers of English dread the reading section. This skill demands prompt thinking, the accuracy of answers, and a natural flow of speech while you respond to the answers. Do not sweat. Keep yourself motivated and you know that you have prepared well.
  • Don’t let one question stop you from performing well. Move on to the next question. It is okay to miss an answer.
  • Do not worry about managing the time, each question comes with a definite timer.
  • Keep a good audible tone, neither too loud nor too soft and a normal pace of speaking. Do not try to adapt to any accent.
  • Try not to pause or stutter, if you make a mistake.
  • Practise the pronunciation of the words you find difficulty in; especially the tricky ones like similar sounding words (homonyms), and singular and plural words.
  • Practise impromptu framing sentences to improve grammar errors.
  • You will be provided with an erasable notepad. Make the best use of it, especially for the Re-Tell lecture and Describe Image Question. The key to the question is to write vertically which means sequence so that you do not lose the flow and focus.
  • Get used to the noise. Train yourself to answer the question with noise around without screaming your lungs out. 

PTE Writing Test Tips

  • The writing section is the second most dreaded section of communication skills. The first problem is the speed of typing on a keyboard. But, I am sure you have heard that practice makes a man perfect. It will be easier with time. The more you practise, the better it is for you. Don’t let your typing speed hamper your time management.
  • Follow a structured format to write the test.
  • Don’t go off-topic. Keep track of what you are writing, do not exaggerate and make it lengthy unnecessarily.
  • Try not to cross the given word limit which is 250-300 words in an essay and 50-75 words for the summary question. 
  • For the construction of the question, summarise the given written text and make sure that it is in one single sentence of 5-7 words. Don’t forget to use the correct punctuation.

PTE Reading Test Tips

  • To score well in the reading section, time management is the key to success. You will have 29-30 minutes to answer all the questions as accurately as possible.
  • You have to work and practise your reading skills regularly to avoid spending more time on a particular question. 
  • There are certain types of questions in the reading section that have negative markings. Make sure you are prepared well for them, otherwise negative marking will be applicable. The questions are tricky, they might seem easy at first but they can be challenging.
  • The reading section tests your grammar skills as well. Brush up on those old forgotten grammar rules and practise.

PTE Listening Test Tips

  • For the listening section, you will have an overall time of 30-45 minutes to answer the different kinds of questions asked. Manage your time between the various questions accordingly.
  • Pay close attention to the audio as it will be played only once. The option of replaying is not available.
  • You will be provided with an erasable note board booklet. Make wise use of it.
  • The listening section is very scoring if performed well. If you have practised your listening skill well, you can easily score 70+ in this particular section.


Can I reschedule/cancel my PTE Test 1 day before the exam?

Yes, you may reschedule your PTE Test at any time. You may be charged a cancellation fee depending on how close to the test booking you reschedule/cancel your test.

What identification document (ID) do I need to carry with me on the day of the PTE exam?

You must provide an acceptable identification document (ID). A valid passport is the best form of identification in most countries. In case you do not have a passport, you may be allowed to use an alternative ID, depending on your chosen PTE test.

What is the PTE test experience like?

The PTE test is conducted on a computer at one of the PTE test centres, where approximately 10-15 candidates take their test together. You need to arrive half an hour before your scheduled test to check in securely and get ready for your test smoothly.

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