📖 Naturopathy Courses in New Zealand: UG, PG, Diploma Courses

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Hi! I’m Astronaut Alex 👨‍🚀🚀, and today, we’re talking about naturopathy courses in New Zealand. Do you know what is naturopathy? Well, don’t worry is this is a new term for you. I’ll help you understand what it is all about. 


Naturopathy is a holistic healthcare system that focuses on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. And New Zealand is considered a world leader in naturopathic education. The country possesses a number of high-quality naturopathic medicine schools, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. There are also several diploma courses available for those who want to specialize in a specific area of naturopathy, like herbal medicine or nutrition. So if you want to enroll in naturopathy courses in NZ, then this blog will provide you with all the information regarding the course. Read on to find out!

Hope you have a gist of what the course is all about. This is just the beginning! Join me as I take you on a journey of pursuing a Naturopathy Course in New Zealand. Let’s go!🚀

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👩‍💻 Why Study Naturopathy Courses in NZ?

So why choose to pursue Naturopathy courses in NZ? The country offers high-quality education and training in natural health and wellness studies, with the Naturopathic College of New Zealand (NCNZ) being its leading provider. Given below are some other reasons for you to study Naturopathy in NZ:

  1. The Naturopathic College of New Zealand holds a Category 1 ranking and NZQA-approved qualifications, giving the courses immense credibility worldwide.
  2. Known for its beautiful scenery, clean air, and abundance of flora and fauna, you can understand naturopathy from the grassroots with the Māori (indigenous Polynesian people of NZ), who have a strong connection to nature and spirituality.
  3. With a growing demand for naturopaths and natural health practitioners, NZ also serves as a popular destination to kickstart your career in the field.

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📖 List of Naturopathy Courses in New Zealand

The Naturopathy courses in NZ are available on different levels: undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma. You can enrol in these courses as per your requirements and career goals. Let’s take a look at them and some top universities offering these programs:

➡️Naturopathy Courses NZ: Undergraduate Programs

The UG Naturopathy courses in NZ typically take 3-4 years to complete and lead to a Bachelor of Naturopathic Medicine (BNatMed) degree. BNatMed graduates are eligible to register with the New Zealand Association of Naturopaths and Herbalists (NZANH), the country’s professional association for naturopaths.

Here’s the list of top institutes in NZ offering the bachelor’s degree in the program:

UniversityCourse OfferedTuition fees
Wellpark College of Natural TherapiesBachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine (Level 7)NZ$36,000
New Zealand College of Naturopathic MedicineBachelor of Naturopathic MedicineNZ$39,900
South Pacific College of Natural MedicineBachelor of Natural MedicineNZ$37,500
WintecBachelor of Natural MedicineNZ$ 34,000

Entry Requirements: To enrol in a bachelors course in Naturopathy in NZ, you need to fulfil the following entry requirements:

  1. New Zealand University Entrance (NCEA) Level 3 with University Entrance, or equivalent
  2. IELTS score of 6.5 overall, or equivalent
  3. Personal statement and interview

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➡️ Naturopathy Courses NZ: Postgraduate Programs

If you have completed a BNatMed degree, then you can enrol in postgraduate Naturopathy courses in NZ. Graduates in MNatMed and DASNatMed are eligible to apply for a fellowship with the NZANH, which is the highest level of membership within the association.

Here are the top universities offering Masters degree in Naturopathy in NZ:

UniversityCourse OfferedTuition Fee
Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT)Master of Health Science (Naturopathy Pathway)NZ$ 14,000
New Zealand College of Naturopathic MedicineMaster of Naturopathic MedicineNZ$ 29,900
South Pacific College of Natural TherapiesNZ$ 32,500

Entry Requirements: To apply for a Masters in Naturopathy in NZ, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Bachelor of Naturopathic Medicine (BNatMed) degree from a recognized institution
  2. IELTS score of 7.0 overall, or equivalent
  3. Personal statement and interview

➡️Naturopathy Courses NZ: Diploma

Diplomas in Naturopathy courses in NZ are usually shorter in duration than UG or PG programs. They also tend to focus on a particular area of naturopathy, such as herbal medicine, nutrition, or massage. Given below are the universities offering a diploma in Naturopathy in NZ:

UniversityCourse OfferedTuition Fee
New Zealand College of Naturopathic MedicineDiploma of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine$27,900
South Pacific College of Natural TherapiesDiploma of Natural Medicine$25,500

Entry Requirements: To pursue a Diploma course in Naturopathy, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. NCEA Level 2 or equivalent
  2. IELTS score of 6.0 overall, or equivalent
  3. Personal statement and interview

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📄How to Apply?

The entry criteria for Naturopathy courses in NZ might vary depending on the course level, but the application process is the same. To apply for a Naturopathy course in NZ, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Research and select the university of your choice to pursue the course.
  2. Check the entry criteria and program fees on the program page.
  3. Complete your enrolment application online by filling out the required details and uploading the necessary documents.
  4. Wait for the confirmation email from the college and follow the instructions to complete your enrolment.

🎓Scholarships Available

Apart from providing quality education in Naturopathy, the universities in NZ also offer scholarships and other financial aid. Below is a list of scholarships offered for various course levels along with the benefits they provide to students :

➡️ Bachelor of Natural Medicine

Scholarships/Aid Offered: Student Loan Scheme, Student Allowance Scheme, SPCNM Scholarships

Benefits: Covers the tuition fees and living costs

➡️ Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science

Scholarships/Aid Offered:  Fees Free scheme, Wellpark College Scholarships

Benefits: Covers up to 1 year of fee-free study or 2 years of industry training for eligible students and awarded based on academic excellence, leadership potential, or personal circumstances.

➡️ Health & Wellness Diploma

Scholarships/Aid Offered:  Student Loan Scheme, Student Allowance Scheme, NCNZ Scholarships

🔮Naturopathy Course NZ: Career Scope

Naturopathy uses natural methods and remedies to prevent, treat, and heal various conditions. Graduates from Naturopathy courses in NZ can pursue careers as a naturopath, health advocates, wellness educators, or natural health consultants. Given below are some popular job profiles and their average salaries that graduates in this field can expect:

Job ProfileAverage Salary (NZD)
Naturopathic Physician281,000
Doctor Naturopathic89,697
Practitioner Consultant75,000
Medical Receptionist45,000
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Mr. Astronaut👨‍🚀🚀- “ Kiddos, I have answered all your queries with the utmost precision that I was capable of. Now, I will be taking my leave, but if you think that I might have missed something do check out the FAQ section or drop a comment. I always respond!”


Ques 1. How do I become a naturopath in NZ?

Ans. To become a naturopath in NZ, you need to possess one of the following qualifications:
1. Bachelor of Natural Medicine
2. Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences – Naturopathy and Nutrition (Level 7)
3. Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine

Ques 2. Where can I study to be a naturopath in New Zealand?

Ans. South Pacific College of Natural Medicine (SPCNM) is considered to be one of the top colleges to pursue your Naturopathy studies in NZ. 

Ques 3. How long does it take to become a naturopath in NZ?

Ans. To become a naturopath in NZ, you either need to complete a 3-4 year bachelor’s degree in the discipline or a 3-year advanced diploma along with the designated number of hours of supervised clinical practice.

We hope that this blog provides you with all the information regarding Naturopathy courses in NZ. To discover more universities and courses to study abroad, make sure to subscribe to Leverage Edu today. Thank you for reading!

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