Minimum PTE Score for Canada Student Visa

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Minimum PTE Score for Canada Student Visa

Every year, the PTE or Pearson Language Test (Academic) is administered to gauge candidates’ overall English proficiency. The primary purpose of the exam is to evaluate students’ English communication, reading, writing, and listening skills. Apart from that,  partaking in the said exam can aid individuals in honing their English language skills and preparing them for an international setting. This exam is recognised by academic institutions worldwide. Read through the article to get a complete understanding of the minimum PTE Score for a Canada Student Visa. 

Full Exam NamePearson Test of English Academic
Short Exam NamePTE Academic
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Language of the ExamEnglish
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Mode of ExamOnline
Exam Duration2 Hours

Students who do not speak English fluently may find it challenging to study or relocate overseas. However, with enough practice and patience, one can improve their English speaking, writing, and reading skills. This is why study abroad aspirants are recommended to undertake the PTE Exam. 

Doing so can help students highlight and demonstrate their proficiency in the English Language to an international audience. Additionally, qualifying for the PTE Exam also infers that a student can articulate his/her thoughts in an international setting. 

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Minimum PTE Score for Canada Student Visa 2024

Candidates seeking to pursue further education at top Canadian institutes and applying for the Canada Student Visa must meet the required PTE scores in order to be considered eligible. The required PTE scores for a Canadian Student Visa may vary according to the degree of study followed by candidates. 

Furthermore, the minimum accepted PTE scores for admission are also dependent on the applied programme. Look at the following requisites to know about the minimum PTE score for a Canada student visa:

  1. Candidates intending to pursue a Diploma from Canada must have secured a minimum score of 45 in their PTE Exam. It is a mandate for one to secure at least 36 points in each module. 
  2. Those who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Canada must have secured a minimum score of 50 points. It is imperative for one to score at least 45 points in each section.  
  3. It is imperative for individuals to secure a minimum aggregate score of 65 points in order to pursue a diploma or master’s program from any major Canadian institute. Individuals are required to secure a minimum score of 50 points in each section. 

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List of Top Universities in Canada Accepting PTE Scores

Candidates who wish to further their education in Canada must ace their PTE Exams. Acquiring the qualifying scores in PTE Exams is vital for international students as these scores/results are accepted by over 3,000 major institutes worldwide. So much so that a lot of Canadian Universities require candidates to procure eligible PTE scores as part of the admission process.   This is why it is crucial for students to be well acquainted with the PTE Exam pattern and structure to streamline their preparation and ensure a successful admission process.

Have a look a the following data to go through the top universities in Canada that accept the PTE Exam scores. 

Name of University QS  World Ranking (2023) Feature(s)
McGill University31The university encompasses 50 research centres and over 400 programs, including master’s degrees, PhD, and MBAs.
University of British Columbia (UBC)47Due to its network of over 7000 employers, the institute provides immense opportunities to shape your career effectively. As a university student, you can choose to pursue courses in the listed domains: Architectural Engineering
Accounting and Financial Management
Computer Engineering
Actuarial Science
McMaster University152The university is a diverse hub welcoming students and faculty from 98 countries worldwide. 
It has 70 international academic exchange agreements in place. 
University of Waterloo154With an emphasis on research, this university offers multiple study-abroad and research opportunities to broaden perspectives. There are various bachelor’s and master’s programs offered at this university, including American Cultural Studies
Archaeology and Biological Anthropology
Financial Economics
Western University172With an emphasis on research, this university offers multiple study-abroad and research opportunities to broaden perspectives. There are various bachelor’s and master’s programs offered at this university, including American Cultural Studies
Archaeology and Biological Anthropology
Financial Economics

Application Requirements for Canada Student Visa 2024

The process of student visa application goes hand in hand with the application process of your dream university in Canada. Therefore, make sure to go through the following application requirements in advance to study in Canada. 

Candidates first need to apply at CIC (Citizen and Immigration) in two ways of the application process listed below. 

  • For a Regular Student Permit
  • For Direct Stream Student

Regular Student Permit

A regular student permit is a traditional way where applicants are free to choose either to apply on paper by visiting the head office or applying online. However, the process of verification and eligibility remains the same for both application procedures. 

Direct Stream

In the direct stream application process, students can apply online at the official CIC website. Then, candidates would need to wait for at least 20 days to hear from the visa authority. 

Canada Student Visa Eligibility Criteria

Candidates moving to Canada should meet the following eligibility criteria for a Canadian student visa:

  • Submit a PTE scorecard with a score of 50 and above or as per the specification of the university.
  • Provide your graduation mark sheet as per the specification of the college or university applied for.  
  • It is mandatory to hold an offer letter from the university at the time of visa application.
  • Make sure to ascertain your eligibility by providing an authentic character certificate, and financial statement, along with other supporting documents for verification. 

PTE Exam Preparation Tips

The PTE examination may seem daunting at first, but with a prior comprehension of the relevant subjects and well-strategized preparation, one can easily ace the exam. Candidates who wish to appear for the said exam can refer to the following points:

  • Candidates can practise writing essays (long/short format) on a daily basis to improve their writing skills. Creating time constraints while practising is a good way to ace accuracy and timing while writing. 
  • One must practise writing within a set word limit and try not to go over it.
  • Practice pronouncing words clearly in front of a mirror. This will reduce hesitation while dictating certain words. 
  • Avoid speaking sentences hastily. 
  • Set time constraints for reading exercises. 
  • Make a habit of re-reading the questions before attempting them. This will prevent silly mistakes. 
  • Listen to audio-based questions in a time-constrained environment.
  • It is imperative for one to maintain his/her composure while listening to the audio. 
  • Make a habit of creating notes while listening to the audio files. This will avoid confusion while answering. 

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PTE Test Centers in India

Almost all the major cities in India are known to conduct the PTE exams at their PTE Academic Test Centers. Check the table below to know the names of the states conducting PTE on the ground.

City/StateNumber of CentersCity/StateNumber of Centers
Tamil Nadu2Telangana2
West Bengal2Andhra Pradesh2

PTE tests can be segregated into three categories: Academic, Young Learners, and General. Individuals interested in applying to university programmes must take the PTE Academic Test. The PTE Academic exam lasts three hours. This test is used to assess candidates’ general proficiency in the English language. The exam’s major goal is to assess students’ English communication, reading, writing, and listening abilities. Aside from that, taking the exam can help people improve their English language skills and prepare them for an international context. This exam is accepted by academic institutions all over the world.


What are some of the best Canadian universities that accept PTE scores? 

Some of the greatest universities in Canada that accept PTE Scores include McGill University, the University of British Columbia (UBC), and McMaster University. 

What is the minimal PTE score in Canada?

A candidate must score at least 45 on the PTE to be eligible for a diploma.

What are the PTE paper fees for 2023?

As of 2023, students from India must pay exam fees ranging from INR 14,700 to INR 15,900 in order to take the PTE exam. 

English language certifications like the PTE Scores are instrumental in securing admission to leading universities. Many of them require that you score the predefined marks so that you can be eligible to apply. In any case, a high score increases your chances of admission. Build a plan with Leverage Edu‘s Leverage Live classes and our top trainers and strengthen your English score as well as your application so that you can secure your spot in your dream college. Reach out to Leverage Edu on 1800572130 and schedule a free session today.

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