5 PTE Academic Tips and Tricks Directly from Experts

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5 PTE Academic Tips and Tricks Directly from Experts

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic exam requires a student to be well prepared while proving their proficiency in English to be eligible to study abroad. This makes it a prerequisite for aspirants to come up with a good preparation strategy while appearing for the PTE Academic test. But even if you have already given your all, and still lack the PTE Academic tips and tricks that will help you score 79 and above then, this blog is for you. The article focuses on some best PTE Academic tips and tricks coming straight from the experts to help you score high on the proficiency test. 

ParticularsRelevant Details
ExaminationPearson Test of English (PTE) Academic
Exam AuthorityPearson PLC Group
PTE Eligibility 16 years and above
PTE Score Validity2 Years
PTE Score Range0-90
Registration FeesINR. 15,900
Mode of ExaminationOnline
Official Websitehttps://www.pearsonpte.com/

What is PTE Academic

The exam of PTE Academic validates a student’s eligibility to apply to universities across the globe for their respective courses. There are more than 3000 renowned universities that accept PTE Academic as a language proficiency test to allow admissions for overseas students. 

If you are also all up to appear in the test then, you must note that the exam is constituted of three sections; Listening, Speaking and Writing, and Reading. Although the test stretches for 3 hours, every section has its time limit specification. This makes the PTE Academics a bit tricky to ace if not prepared thoroughly. 

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5 Best PTE Academic Tips and Tricks to Score High

As you have now come to terms with how tricky it might get to ace a good PTE score, then do not delay your preparations for the test for any reason. But, before moving ahead, here are some wonderful working PTE Academic tips and tricks from the experts and meritorious students that you should know and implement. 

1. Understand PTE Academic Test Procedure

First and foremost, make sure to visit the official PTE website and go through the guidelines of the PTE academics. This will help you in structuring your preparation around the test pattern and marking scheme.

2. Make a Perfect Study Plan

Then comes the real deal of building a good preparation strategy. It is said that you can never get enough time for PTE preparation. Not entirely wrong, indeed you would need to devote at least 2 to 3 hours of a day to practising sample PTE tests and questions. Make sure to divide your time wisely to practise all three sections equally. 

3. Speak, Read and Write on English Topics

Apart from the study session, there is also a way of making your preparations more entertaining. Try to stick with using English as your language while consuming any information or during an everyday conversation. 

4. Improve Vocabulary

Working on your vocabulary should be your top priority while preparing for PTE Academics. Therefore, learn a good deal of synonyms. Get yourself familiar with new English vocabulary and inculcate its usage into your daily life. 

5. Learn the Art of Time Management

As important as the tips and tricks mentioned above are, learn the art of time management if you want to score high on the PTE Academic test. The exam is known to be conducted with time constraints for each section. Therefore, it is advisable to devote your time to learning how to stick with the time limit and attempt all the questions within the exam duration. 

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Section-wise Tips for PTE Academic

Some additional tips that can help you attempt each section of the PTE Academic examination wisely are tabulated below:

PTE Academic SectionsImportant Tips
PTE ListeningThis section will test your response to the native accent through
audio and video clips. Therefore, make sure to listen to as much audio as possible to be well-prepared for the listening test. 
PTE Speaking and WritingFor the speaking section, try to work on your flow and pronunciation. While
the writing section can be mastered through practising writing on certain
topics with utmost grammar accuracy. Therefore, go through the sample
PTE writing and speaking topics and be well-prepared for the test. 
PTE ReadingThe reading section will also require you to demonstrate your fluency
and understanding of punctuation. While attempting this section,
it is advisable not to fake an accent and stick with your originality. 

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How to score 79+ on the PTE Academic exam?

It is really easy to score 79 and above in the PTE Academic exam if you follow the right strategy. To begin with, try to keep your answers straightforward as possible. Try to enrich your vocabulary, and use your time wisely. 

What are some last-minute PTE Academic preparation tips?

For last-minute PTE Academic preparation, candidates are advised to recall mistakes that they made during their revision and go through them once again. Another power tip to make the most out of your revision is speaking, reading and listening to English on a daily basis. 

Can I prepare for the PTE examination at home?

Yes, you can prepare for the PTE examination at home. However, you would need to be coordinated with the examination guidelines, pattern, and syllabus with precision. 

Certifications in the English language proficiency test are essential for getting admission into prestigious universities abroad. You must meet the minimum requirements for several of them to be eligible to apply. Anyhow, getting a good score improves your chances of getting admission to a good university. 

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