Which is the Cheapest City to Live in Canada in 2023? 

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cheapest city to live in canada

Are you looking for the cheapest cities in Canada to live in, given below you can explore the mentioned list of cheapest cities. This is everyone knows Canada is not the cheapest place to live and also it is not the most expensive. According to world data records Canada is sitting in 18th position out of 108 countries. Canada has different provinces and cities each province and city having different taxes and costs. The cost of living in Canada is quite high as compared to the rest world. Read this article to know more about the Cheapest city to live in Canada in 2023 


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About Canada 

Canada is a country located in North America. It is the second-largest country in the world by land area. Canada has a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state. The country is known for its diverse culture, natural beauty, and high standard of living. Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories. The capital city is Ottawa, and other major cities include Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Canada has two official languages, English and French.

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What is the Cost of Living in Canada? 

The cost of living in Canada can vary depending on factors such as location, lifestyle, and individual preferences. Generally, Canada is considered to have a relatively high cost of living compared to some other countries. However, it also offers a high standard of living and various social benefits.

  • Housing is one of the most significant expenses in Canada. The cost of renting or buying a home varies greatly depending on the city or region. 
  • Major cities like Toronto and Vancouver tend to have higher housing costs compared to smaller cities or rural areas.
  • Other essential expenses include groceries, utilities (electricity, water, heating), transportation, and healthcare. 
  • These costs can also vary depending on the location. In general, urban areas may have higher prices for goods and services compared to more rural regions.
  • It’s important to note that salaries and wages in Canada are typically higher to compensate for the higher cost of living. 
  • The specific cost of living will also depend on personal choices, such as dining out, entertainment, and recreational activities.
  • As Canada is the 25th most expensive country in the world. 

How To Choose an Affordable City in Canada

The first thing you should know is how much each province in Canada costs to live. If you have the freedom to relocate anywhere, take a look at Canada’s most affordable cities. Even if you decide to purchase a home in one of Canada’s more affordable regions, you might still have to pay a premium for food and other necessities. Provincial taxes should be taken into account as well, particularly if you’re seeking the least expensive places to retire.

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Cheapest City to Live in Canada 

Here is the list of a few of the cheapest cities to live in Canada 

1. Sherbrooke, Quebec

Population 176,222
Employment Areas Electronic part, clothing, textile, education 
Cost of Living per person Electronic parts, clothing, textile, education 
Average home cost $320,000

One of the least expensive places to reside in southern Quebec is Sherbrooke. According to Numbeo, the cost of living is 11.5% lower here than in Montreal, while the average rent is 41.8% lower.

2. Quebec City, QC

Population 549,459
Employment Areas Defence, services, public administration, and tourism.
Cost of Living per person 549,459
Average home cost $350,000

There are many historic attractions throughout this safe, charming city. With the magnificent Citadelle of Quebec and the soaring Chateau Frontenac Hotel at the heart of the ancient city, it exudes a European vibe. It’s a great area to be in the centre of the action because it has some of the least expensive downtown core rentals in all of Canada. It’s amazing how affordable it is to live here considering all of its advantages. Both the cost of living and rent is 5.50 per cent and 26.9 per cent less expensive than in Montreal.

3. Saint John, New Brunswick

Population 73,611
Employment Areas One of the oldest and largest shipbuilding industries, is IT, and education.
Cost of Living per person $1,412, not including rent
Average home cost $269,100

Compared to Toronto, Saint John has a lower cost of living and a staggering 62.7% lower rent. While restaurant costs are 1.8% higher in Saing John than in Toronto, grocery costs are 6.5% cheaper. The Bay of Fundy, where this city is situated, experiences the quickest tide changes in the entire globe. The farmer’s market is held in a historic structure that dates back to 1876, and the area is rich in history.

4. Laval, QC

Population 446,476
Employment Areas Retail, industrial, pharmaceutical, and technology.
Cost of Living per person $1,049.9, not including rent
Average home cost $440,742

Laval, located on Île Jésus on the Prairies River, is a part of the Greater Montreal Area. There are trails along the water and a Nature Centre with farms, gardens, and ponds. Neoclassical structures and cafes may be found throughout the historical district. SAP, Intact, and the University of Montreal are some of the employers. It is one of the least expensive areas in Canada to live in, with a cost of living that is 12.5% lower than Montreal’s and a rental cost that is 27% lower.

5. Halifax, NS

Population 480,523
Employment Areas Port, agriculture, fishing, and forestry. 
Cost of Living per person $1,293.7, not including rent.
Average home cost $484,400

This university town serves as the provincial capital of Nova Scotia and is a significant economic hub in eastern Canada. Halifax has a 5.7% lower cost of living than Toronto, and its rent costs 30.3% less. Additionally, eating out is less expensive, but groceries might be pricey.

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How to Earn Part-time in Canada?

There are several ways to earn part-time income in Canada. Here are some common options:

  • Part-time job: Look for job opportunities in your area of interest or expertise. Many businesses, restaurants, retail stores, and service industries hire part-time employees. You can search for job openings online on job portals, company websites, or through local classifieds. Networking and reaching out to potential employers directly can also be helpful.
  • Freelancing: If you have specialized skills or knowledge, consider freelancing. You can offer services such as writing, graphic design, web development, tutoring, or consulting. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr provide platforms to connect with clients and offer your services.
  • Gig economy: Participate in the gig economy by joining platforms like Uber, Lyft, or food delivery services. This allows you to work flexible hours and earn income based on your availability.
  • Retail and hospitality: During certain seasons or holidays, there is often an increased demand for temporary or part-time workers in the retail and hospitality sectors. Look for job postings at malls, hotels, restaurants, and event venues.
  • Online platforms: Explore online platforms that offer part-time job opportunities such as virtual assistant roles, customer service positions, or online tutoring. Websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and remote work platforms can help you find these types of positions.
  • Tutoring and teaching: If you have expertise in a particular subject, consider offering tutoring services. You can tutor students in person or online. Additionally, teaching opportunities might be available in language schools or as an instructor for specific skills or hobbies.
  • Seasonal work: Some industries, such as agriculture or tourism, have seasonal employment opportunities. You can explore options like fruit picking, farm work, or working at resorts or recreational facilities during peak seasons.

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Q1. Which is the most affordable city in Canada?

Ans. If we discuss the most affordable city in Qubeic. It comes under the list of top 10 affordable cities in Canada.

Q2. What is the most affordable place to live in Canada?

Ans. The Most Affordable Cities in Canada
Saint John
Quebec City
Red Deer

Q3. Which city is the cheapest for international students in Canada?

Ans. So here is a list of the most affordable and great cities to live in, for international students in Canada:
Calgary, Alberta
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, Ontario
Montreal, Quebec
Moncton, New Brunswick
Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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