15 March: PTE Summarizing the Written Text – Task 8

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PTE Summarizing the Written Text - Task 8

Q- Summarize written text is a short-answer writing task type that tests reading and writing skills. You have 10 minutes to write a one-sentence summary of a reading passage. You will do 2-3 Summarize written text tasks which depend on the exam to exam. 

The exhibition is a very personal distillation of the events of Bryan palmer’s expeditions. Much of Bryan’s work manages to record a history of the attempts on the summit of K-2 with a large dose of nostalgia thrown in for good measure. The photographs reflect the power of human survival being pushed beyond natural limits. Take, for example, his collection of Mike Groom on the summit of Mt Cho Oyu. The agony captured in the facial shots tells so much. There is nothing serene about Palmer’s work although the beauty of the mountains is always gloriously magnified.


“Contemplating the Summit” is certainly tinged with a surreal quality. The apparent incongruity of this picture gives it a great appeal. The truth behind this photo was that Palmer lost the top of his left index finger to frostbite. He was in danger of losing nine fingers (unimaginable for a photographer). But the intervention of a skilled Australian acupuncturist, remarkably, meant he only lost the one-finger top.

Answer- Bryan Palmer’s photographs, showcasing his remarkable journey to conquer the peaks of K-2 and Mt Cho-Oyu, serve as a poignant testament to the resilience of the human spirit and offer valuable insights into historical events. 

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