PTE Daily Essay Topic: The world has been warmer year after year. This is a serious problem we have to deal with.

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PTE Daily Essay Topic: The world has been warmer year after year. This is a serious problem we have to deal with.

Q. The world has been warmer year after year. This is a serious problem we have to deal with. What are the solutions you can propose to cope with this?

Ans: The Earth’s escalating temperature, demonstrably evident in year-on-year record highs, presents a formidable challenge for humanity. This crisis demands a multifaceted response, encompassing a global shift towards renewable energy sources, a focus on sustainable practices, and the implementation of innovative technologies.


Transitioning from fossil fuels to cleaner alternatives is paramount. Solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectricity offer viable options for generating power without releasing heat-trapping greenhouse gasses. Governments can incentivize the development and adoption of these renewables through tax breaks, subsidies, and feed-in tariffs that reward energy production from renewable sources. Additionally, investments in energy storage solutions, such as advanced batteries, are crucial to ensure a reliable and consistent supply of clean energy.

Sustainable practices extend beyond the energy sector. Encouraging sustainable forest management through reforestation initiatives and combating deforestation will enhance the natural world’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. Similarly, promoting energy-efficient appliances and buildings will significantly reduce overall energy consumption. Additionally, fostering a culture of responsible consumption and encouraging a shift towards a circular economy, where products are designed for repair and reuse, can substantially decrease our environmental footprint.

Technological advancements offer promising avenues for mitigating climate change. Carbon capture and storage technologies can trap emissions from industrial processes and store them underground, preventing their release into the atmosphere. Research into direct air capture technologies, which actively remove existing carbon dioxide from the air, holds immense potential for reversing the course of climate change.

To conclude, the global challenge of climate change necessitates a collective effort. Governments, businesses, and individuals must work in tandem to implement these solutions. By prioritising renewable energy sources, embracing sustainable practices, and investing in innovative technologies, we can create a more secure and sustainable future for generations to come. Delaying action is not an option; the time to act is now.

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