22 February: IELTS Speaking Topic – Speaking Part 3: Entertainment and Celebrities (Follow-up Questions)

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IELTS Speaking Topic Entertainment and Celebrities

Q- Do you think celebrities deserve to earn so much money?

Ans- Absolutely, they should be paid handsomely because, in my opinion, it takes a lot of skill to entertain people. For instance, an artist’s job to make someone laugh, to come up with a joke on the spot, and to be aware of their surroundings and other people is not a piece of cake. It’s a job that really calls for a lot of commitment. Although we might think it’s simple, the artist must prepare and think of creative methods to make the crowd feel certain emotions.


Q- Do many young people (or children) try to imitate film stars (e.g., imitate their lifestyle, clothes, etc)? (If yes, how, why?)

Indeed, most of them do. Movie stars, or celebrities, are also referred to be major opinion leaders since anything they do or wear can quickly become fashionable. So, it seems sensible that young people would imitate well-known celebrities because they constantly want to be on top of the latest fashion. For instance, a lot of people have been opting for a destination wedding as most celebrities are choosing to do so these days. 

Probably, it would depend on your age or where you live. Yet, I think that the majority of individuals in my nation would opt to watch something, such as TV dramas or comedies. Sitting in front of the TV, and talking while watching TV is a terrific method for the entire family to spend time together. In addition, there are numerous live sporting events that draw a sizable crowd of spectators from all over my nation and are among the most well-liked forms of live entertainment there.

Q- Do you think men and women have different tastes in entertainment?

Ans- In my opinion, males often like action or suspenseful movies, whereas romcoms are the preferred genre for females. For example, my brother loves watching sports channels while I prefer watching drama series or romcom movies more. But I don’t think a person’s taste in entertainment is largely influenced by their gender; instead, I think it depends more on their personalities or just desires.

Q- Do you think children (or young people) can learn anything from entertainment?

Ans- Sure, there are numerous things. Through movies, students can learn about different cultures and languages, as well as moral precepts and how to distinguish between good and bad. Moreover, there are numerous shows streaming nowadays which can contribute to their academic learning. A fantastic illustration would be the nature documentary “Mission Blue.” This program contains numerous episodes with a variety of episodes about the earth, the sea, and the forest. Due to the documentary’s abundance of fascinating footage and breathtaking photographs, kids will be astounded and be able to appreciate nature better. Yet, I believe that parents should monitor the material their kids are exposed to. Children might learn undesirable things through various forms of entertainment without the supervision and guidance of their parents.

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