Cost of Living in Victoria: A Guide

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Cost of Living in Victoria

Are you an international student curious about the cost of living in Victoria? The capital city of British Columbia, Canada is one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world, located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It is surrounded by stunning natural scenery and a mild climate. It is also home to many educational institutions, including the University of Victoria, which ranks among the top universities in Canada and the world. If you are a student who wants to study abroad in Canada, then this blog will give you an overview of all the living costs in Victoria and help you plan your budget accordingly. Read on to know more!

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Why Choose To Study in Victoria?

Despite the cost of living in Victoria being the third-highest in Canada, the city still attracts a large number of international students from around the globe every year for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Affordable tuition fees: Compared to other Canadian cities, Victoria has relatively low tuition fees for international students. According to the University of Victoria, the average tuition fee for a UG international student in 2023-2024 is $23,000 CAD/ year, while the average tuition fee for a graduate international student is $9,000 CAD/ year. 
  1. High-quality education: Victoria offers a wide range of academic programs and courses for students to choose from, from English language learning to undergraduate and graduate degrees. You will also benefit from the excellent teaching and research facilities, as well as the supportive and friendly learning environment.
  2. Cultural diversity: Being a multicultural city that welcomes people from different backgrounds and cultures, you can meet and interact with students and locals in Victoria from different ethnicities. And then there are cultural events and festivals to look forward to throughout the year!
  3. Outdoor activities: Victoria is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it is hiking, biking, or kayaking, you can enjoy it all and much more.
  4. Safety and security: Victoria is one of the safest cities in Canada and the world, having a low crime rate and a high safety index. 

Cost of Living in Victoria

While the cost of living in Victoria will generally depend on your lifestyle and preferences, the average monthly living cost in the city for a single person is $2,292 CAD (without rent). These costs include food, transportation, utilities, entertainment, and other expenses. To give you a more detailed breakdown of the cost of living in Victoria, we will cover the following categories:

  • Living accommodation
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Utilities and bills
  • Transportation

Living Accommodation

One of the major costs of living in Victoria is your accommodation. There are different types of accommodation available for students in Victoria, such as on-campus residence halls, off-campus apartments or houses, homestays with local families, or hostels or hotels. The cost of accommodation varies depending on the type, location, size, quality, and amenities of your chosen place. 

Here are some average monthly rents for different types of accommodation in Victoria:

TypeLocationAverage Monthly Rent
1 bedroom apartmentCity centre$2,137 CAD
1 bedroom apartmentOutside city centre$1,900 CAD
3 bedroom apartmentCity centre$3,989 CAD
3 bedroom apartmentOutside city centre$3,366 CAD

Tip: If you want to save money on accommodation, you can also look for shared rooms or apartments with other students or locals. You can use online platforms such as Kijiji, Craigslist, or Facebook Groups to find suitable options.


Another important cost of living in Victoria that you will have to budget for is food. You can choose to cook your own meals at home or eat out at restaurants or cafes. The cost of food depends on your dietary preferences and habits. Here are some average monthly costs for food items in Victoria:

ItemAverage Monthly Cost
Milk (1 L)$2.60 CAD
Bread (0.5 kg)$3.16 CAD
Rice (1 kg)$4.08 CAD
Eggs (12)$3.97 CAD
Cheese (1 kg)$15 CAD
Chicken breast (1 kg)$14.1 CAD
Round steak (1 kg)$15.6 CAD
Apples (1 kg)$4.19 CAD
Bananas (1 kg)$1.4 CAD
Oranges (1 kg)$4.28 CAD
Tomatoes (1 kg)$5.44 CAD
Potatoes (1 kg)$3.91 CAD
Onions (1 kg)$3.31 CAD

Here are some average prices for eating out in Victoria:

TypeAverage Price
Lunch menu in a cheap restaurant$18.9 CAD
Dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant$76.5 CAD
Fast food meal (McDonald’s or similar)$10.6 CAD
Beer in a pub (0.5 L)$6.1 CAD
Cappuccino in a cafe$4.12 CAD

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Entertainment is another cost of living in Victoria to consider. You can always choose to have fun and enjoy your free time in Victoria at the popular hangouts nearby like movies, museums, theatres, concerts, clubs, bars, or sports events. The cost of entertainment will depend on your personal preferences and interests. Here are some average prices for entertainment in Victoria:

TypeAverage Price
Movie ticket for one person$13.8 CAD
Museum or art gallery ticket for one person$15 CAD
Theatre or concert ticket for one person$50 CAD
Nightclub or bar entry fee for one person$10 CAD
Drink in a nightclub or bar for one person$7 CAD

Utilities and Bills

Utilities and bills are another essential cost of living in Victoria that you will have to pay. These include electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage, internet, phone, and other services. The cost of utilities and bills depends on the type, size, and location of your accommodation, as well as your usage and consumption habits. Here are some average monthly costs for utilities and bills in Victoria:

TypeAverage Monthly Cost
Basic utilities for an 85 m2 apartment (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage)$215.73 CAD
Internet plan with 60 Mbps or more speed and unlimited data$113.45 CAD
Mobile phone plan with calls and 10 GB or more data$58.57 CAD


Last but not least, transportation is another important cost of living in Victoria that you will have to factor in. While there are different modes of transportation available, the cost of transportation will depend on the mode, distance, frequency, and time of your travel. Here are some average monthly costs for transportation in Victoria:

ModeAverage Monthly Cost
Local bus ticket for one-way trip$2.50 CAD
Monthly bus pass for unlimited trips$64.9 CAD
Taxi fare for an 8 km trip$21.6 CAD
Gasoline price for 1 L$1.41 CAD

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Ques 1. Is it expensive to live in Victoria?

Ans. Yes, Victoria is the third most expensive city in Canada.

Ques 2. What salary do you need to live in Victoria?

Ans. A single person must be able to afford the monthly living cost of $3,009 CAD/month to be able to live in Victoria.

Ques 3. How much does it cost to live in Australia Victoria?

Ans. The average monthly cost of living in Victoria Australia is AUD 1142/month.

We hope this blog has given you a useful overview of the cost of living in Victoria. To know more about student life abroad, keep following Leverage Edu. Thank you for reading!

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