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Humber College is a polytechnic educational institute which comes sixth among the top 50 research universities in Canada. However, not everyone gets the opportunity to study abroad in their dream college. One of the reasons would be due to financial reasons. Therefore, we have come to your rescue. Humber College is known for offering more than 100 scholarships to international students. Today, we have compiled a list of scholarships which you can apply for. In this blog, we will talk about all the scholarships that you can apply to at Humber College. Read on to know more. 

Top Reasons to Study at Humber College

Humber College is one of the renowned colleges in Canada. It is considered one of the most suitable academic institutes for international students who come from different academic backgrounds. Speaking about why one should consider this college, it has a lot to offer. This includes the quality of education, work opportunities, location and on-campus facilities.  

Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose Humber College:

  • The college has over 80 per cent employability rate for graduating students within six months.
  • It has a network of more than 240,000 alumni across the world which includes Andres Arango, Ben Bowen, Jared Pelletier and Royal Copeland.
  • The college is known for its safe campus with 24/7 patrolling.
  • Lastly, it provides hands-on and experiential learning.

List of Scholarships at Humber College for International Students

Here is the list of scholarships which are offered at the Humber College for International Students.  

International Entrance Scholarships 

An international entrance scholarship at Humber is open to new students beginning their Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma studies. The first two semesters of study will have their tuition fees waived for a total of CAD 2,000 (CAD 1,000 per semester).

Here is all the other information that the student must note before applying for this scholarship:

  • High school students who have shown academic achievement for the international admission scholarship and those with the highest GPA (Grade Point Average) will be granted this scholarship.
  • Starting in September, new students will receive a total of 20 scholarships, new students will receive 15 scholarships in January, and new students will receive 5 scholarships in May. Each beneficiary must be from a different nation for each beginning semester. In other words, only one student from each nation may get the award during the first semester.
  • After the tenth day of sessions, the prize will be split into two payments of CAD 1,000 and credited to the student’s MyHumber account. The second semester will receive both payments. For the first semester, the scholarship recipient will have to pay the entire fee.

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Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships

The number of bachelor’s degree scholarships is infinite, and are accessible to non-transfer students who have completed their high school or secondary schooling and have not yet attended college or university or participated in Humber’s EAP programme.

Here is the amount of scholarship that will be awarded to each student as per their GPA.

$4,000 95% or higher Yes
$3,500 90 – 94.9% Yes
$3,000 85 – 89.9% Yes
$2,000 80 – 84.9% Yes
$1,500 75 – 79.9% One-time

Flywire Charitable Foundation Scholarship

This is another scholarship which will be awarded to the students at Humber College. To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must meet the below-mentioned criteria:

  • The awards are available to graduate and undergraduate matriculating students worldwide. Any major may submit an application.

Barbados Canada Foundation Scholarships 

The BCF Scholarships Programme offers financial aid to young people of Barbadian descent who are enrolled in postsecondary institutions in Canada. The annual value of each scholarship is $4,000.

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How to Apply for These Scholarships?

  • Log in to MyHumber
  • Click “Student Awards and Financial Aid”
  • Click “Apply for Scholarships”
  • Click “Sign in with your Institution”
  • Add your Humber username (in lowercase) and password
  • Complete the general application and apply!

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Q1. Which Humber Campus is better?

A1. Humber College’s North Campus is centrally located with easy access to the downtown core.

Q2. Does Humber College offer scholarships?

A2. Yes, Humber College is known to provide more than 100 types of scholarships to its students. 

Q3. Is it difficult to get into Humber College?

A3. Getting into Humber College is very competitive. 

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