List of LLM Scholarships in USA 2024

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List of LLM Scholarships in USA 2024

LLM (Master of Law) in USA is available in several specialized fields such as social justice, commercial law, taxation, human rights, and environmental law, among others. The duration of the course is generally between 9 months to 2 years. However, studying this course in the USA can be expensive. For this reason, scholarships are extremely useful. International scholarships cover expenses such as full/partial tuition fees, travel expenses, and accommodation expenses, among others. Keep reading to learn more about LLM scholarships in USA.


Why Study LLM in USA?

There are plenty of reasons why a student should opt for an LLM in USA. These are as follows:

  • The USA has some of the best law schools in the world. In the USA the legal studies teaching helps students to improve the argumentative dialogue among students.
  • From 2000-2020 the lawyer’s salary increased faster than the rate of inflation. That is, the salary of a lawyer increased to 63% and the rate of inflation was approximately 53%.
  • US legal firms’ entry-level salaries range between 58,000 USD and 70,000 USD.
  • US Universities offer students the opportunity to work on pro bono cases due to an increase in requirements in the legal profession

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Career Opportunities After Pursuing LLM in the USA

After completing an LLM in the USA, Indian students can pursue various career paths, including roles as Attorneys, Associate Attorneys, Law Firm Partners, and Judges overseeing legal cases. Foreign law degree holders can practice in states like New York and California, with opportunities to work as Private Bankers offering customized financial services. The average salary in the legal field ranges from 94,000 USD to 400,000 USD per annum, depending on job profiles and experience. Passing the state’s Bar Examination is crucial for practicing law in many jurisdictions.

Types of LLM Scholarships in USA 

Basically, there are 3 types of LLM scholarships in USA that international students can apply for. These are as follows. Do note that each scholarship has a different application process, eligibility criteria, benefits, and deadline.

  • Need-based scholarships granted on the basis of financial need 
  • Merit-based scholarships are granted on the basis of the merit of the student
  • Merit cum need-based scholarships are granted to meritorious students on the basis of financial need.

Top 5 LLM Scholarships in USA

Here is a list of the top LLM scholarships in the USA offered by the government and other organizations. Like all scholarships, each of these scholarships has different eligibility criteria, benefits, and deadlines.

Scholarship Name Meant for Benefit
Fulbright-Nehru Master’s FellowshipThose wanting to pursue International legal studies, etcJ-1 visa support, round-trip economy class plane travel from the fellow’s home city to the host institution in the United States, financing for tuition and fees, housing and associated costs, and accident and illness coverage 
New York University (NYU) ScholarshipsFreshman students Full/partial tuition fees
Columbia Law School (CLS) scholarshipsFor LLM students Full/ partial tuition fees
UCLA Law Distinguished Scholars ProgramMeritorious students Covers full tuition fees
Hauser Global Scholars Program10 best students applying for LLMTuition fees/living stipend 

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6 LLM Scholarships in USA for Indians

There are several scholarships available for Indians. These scholarships can be used to study LLM in USA. Some of these popular scholarships and their benefits are provided below. 

Scholarship Benefit
Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarshipup to INR 2 million
Aditya Birla ScholarshipsINR  1,80,000 per year 
Education Grants offered by Tata TrustsINR 10 lakh
National Law School of India Bangalore LL.M. Scholarship AwardINR 24.98 lakh
The Kapila & Nirmal Hingorani Postgraduate ScholarshipsFull tuition fee waiver 
R.D. Sethna Loan ScholarshipsLoan scholarships

LLM Scholarships in USA (For Indians) Available to Specific Categories 

Indian scholarships are available for students to study LLM in the USA. However, the scholarships listed below are only meant for students from specific categories. Those who come under the category and meet the eligibility requirements are only eligible for the scholarship.

ScholarshipCategory Benefit
Vishwa Konkani Study Abroad ScholarshipStudents who have Konkani as their 1st languageINR 1 lakh per student every year
National Overseas Scholarship for SCsLow income SC studentNot specified 
Merit-Cum-Means based Scholarship for Professional and Technical Courses for Minority studentsMinority students INR 10,000-INR 20,000 per annum towards tuition fees
Government of Andhra Pradesh’s NTR Videshi Vidyadharana for BC & SC/ST StudentsSC/STINR 15 lakh
Interest Subsidy on Educational Loan for Overseas Studies for OBCsOBCsNot specified 

Overview of LLM Institutions in the USA

USA is home to prestigious law schools, some of these prominent universities are

Name of the UniversityWorld QS Rankings 2023
Stanford University3
New York University42
University of California, Berkeley Law32
Harvard University5
University of Pennsylvania13
University of California, Los Angeles 40

LLM Courses in the USA for International Students

The LLM courses in the USA curriculum are mentioned below:

Criminal JusticeFocus on the criminal justice system and its principles
Fundamentals of US LawCore concepts and principles of the US legal system
Legal Research & WritingDevelop skills in legal research and effective writing
Social Justice and Human RightsExplore issues related to social justice and human rights
Constitutional Law, Regulations, and Public PolicyStudy the US Constitution and related legal frameworks
Litigation and Dispute ResolutionExamination of legal procedures and dispute resolution
Legal History and Legal TheoryExplore the historical and theoretical aspects of law

Cost of Studying LLM in the USA for Indian Students 

LLM costs in the USA for Indian students vary by university, averaging between 66,924 USD and 75,572 USD annually. Living expenses may reach 30,000 USD monthly. Pre-arrival expenses like application, visa, and SEVIS fees are additional considerations.

Application Process for LLM Scholarships in USA

The application process for LLM Scholarships in USA is as follows :

  • Visit the official website of the scholarship provider 
  • Choose the course you want to take, make sure it meets the requirements, then submit an application.
  • A student ID will be given once the student fills out the application. The same can be used by the student to apply for that program’s scholarship.
  • Visit the university website for information on undergraduate and graduate scholarships to apply for the award. 
  • Verify the student’s eligibility and submit an application for the scholars’ program.

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1. Can I get a scholarship for LLM in USA?

Yes. It is possible to get a scholarship to study in USA. Several law schools offer scholarships for International students. The government also provides scholarships for students to study in the US. For example, the Fulbright Nehru Scholarship.

2. Which country is best for LLM with a scholarship?

Some of the best countries for LLM with scholarships are: USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. Interested students can check out scholarships available in these countries.

3. Can Indians do LLM in USA?

Yes. It is possible to pursue LLM in USA after pursuing an LLB in India. However, students must meet the eligibility requirements of the selected universities.

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