PTE Exam: Common Mistakes That Ruin Your PTE Scores

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PTE Exam: Common Mistakes That Ruin Your PTE Scores

Pearson Test of English is conducted for students who are willing to study abroad. It tests the students on the basis of their English proficiency in speaking, listening and writing skills. Everyone wants a good score in one go, but there are some PTE common mistakes that every student makes. We want to make sure you are not one of them! 


Today, we will discuss the common mistake each student makes while giving their PTE Examination. As we all know the PTE Exam is divided into three sections, PTE Reading, PTE Listening and PTE Writing and Speaking. There are a few things you should avoid doing in each section. These tips will help you maintain your PTE score and not lose points. Let’s discover in depth. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid in PTE Exam 

If you follow these tips then you will definitely get the score you are aiming to get. Nobody wants to give the same examination again and again. Everyone wants to get it done at the first chance they get. If you are the one who wants to avoid making the mistakes every student makes, here are a few of them you can remember and avoid repeating them. Let us discover each and every minute point you need to take care of during the PTE examination. 

Start Preparing Without a Study Plan 

When you give an exam without planning, you will definitely miss out on something related to the examination. This mistake can make you lose unnecessary points. 

The first and foremost step is to make a study plan for the PTE Examination. Every exam can go very well if you have prepared a proper study plan for the topics you are preparing. Bring in all the books you need and collect all the material online. Make your study plan and dedicate your time accordingly. 

Reading Guideline for Each Section 

Before starting your exam you need to read the given time limit or the rules you need to follow. Do not spend more than the time allotted for each question. Follow the given time limits strictly and there will be nothing you need to worry about.

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Not Reading the Questions Carefully

Some of the big mistakes students make is not reading the question properly. If you do so in a hurry or give any answer which is not relevant as asked in the question, you may lose your points. This is one of the biggest mistakes you should avoid making while giving your PTE Examination.  

Avoid Using Informal Language 

You cannot speak informally in the PTE Examination. You need to talk and give your answers formally. Casually giving answers may give you poor scores. You only need to use formal words and frame sentences accordingly.

PTE Section: Mistakes To Avoid  

The PTE Examination has three sections. You will get time to solve each question in the sections. Here is the section-wise bifurcation of the mistakes students need to avoid to get a good overall score. 

PTE Reading

The biggest mistake you can make in the PTE reading section is reading the questions incorrectly or hastily, making spelling mistakes or leaving the answer blank or using grammatically incorrect words in the fill-in-the-blanks question. Avoid wasting your time reading the entire passage. Do not waste your time understanding the meaning of each and every word mentioned in the questions.

PTE Speaking 

Speaking too fast or giving answers before the beep tone, repeating verbs or words, or using incorrect forms of tense, which can eventually change the meaning of your answer and will make you lose your marks. You cannot take long pauses while giving answers, if you take a pause of more than 3 seconds the microphone will turn off. Trying to speak in a different accent and reading the punctuation marks, you should avoid making these kinds of silly mistakes in PTE Speaking section.

PTE Listening 

Many students forget that the recording is played only once. So keep that in mind otherwise you can miss out on many questions. Losing concentration when you need to answer the questions or daydreaming while the questions are being delivered to you, you can lose points. Some students also make the mistake of highlighting the wrong words or giving wrong answers very informally or casually. 

PTE Writing  

PTE checks your level of understanding in English, writing wrong spelling or using incorrect phrases while giving answers can make you lose a lot of points. Always remember to proofread your answers, you can always find something to correct in your answers while proofreading. Avoid using slags or jargon. 


What is the full form of PTE and why is it conducted?

The full form of PTE is the Pearson Test of English and is conducted to test the English proficiency of the students.

How are sections are there in the PTE examination?

There are four sections in the Pearson Test of English (PTE), PTE Reading, PTE Listening and PTE Writing and Speaking.

Which section is the toughest to score in the PTE examination?

The PTE Reading section is the toughest. Students make a lot of mistakes in this section. 

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