20+ Globalization Vocabulary For IELTS

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Globalization Vocabulary For IELTS

Globalization is the process of exchanging ideas, products and cultural information on the international level and resulting in cooperation between nations and governments. The IELTS Vocabulary often contains words and phrases related to the term ‘Globalization’. While appearing for the IELTS Test, candidates must have an overall understanding of this test and its aspects. The IELTS Speaking and Writing sections require students to have a proper understanding of English vocabulary. You are required to provide the meaning and uses of words given on the test. To score a better band on the IELTS test, candidates should improve their vocabulary skills thoroughly. In this article, we are going to tell you about Globalization Vocabulary for IELTS.

Globalization Vocabulary for IELTS

The IELTS Vocabulary section contains various words, which candidates are required to write and speak their meaning and use appropriately in sentences. Candidates must improve their vocabulary skills to score good marks in this section. Vocabulary can be improved by looking for new words and their meanings in sentences and how to use them in sentences. The table given below highlights some of the most common Globalization words for IELTS.

Globalization Words Use in Sentences
Globalisation India adopted the policy of Globalization in 1991.
Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) India and USA are working to increase trade by providing foreign direct investments to each other.
Outsourcing A lot of private companies are trying to cut costs by outsourcing some of their functions
Cultural Homogenization The local and indigenous cultures have lost their significance because of cultural homogenization
Free Trade The government is promoting free trade between commercial companies
Brain drain The authorities are not worried to stop the brain drain as more and more skilled people are moving out of this city
Glocalization They are credited with popularizing glocalization as it creates a platform where global practices are intermixed with local cultures
Protectionism There’s a group of radical people who are opposing industrial policy, nationalisation and protectionism
Multinational Corporation (MNC) Multinational corporations have provided jobs to millions of people in this country
Offshoring In this offshoring, the finished products are imported back to the home country for selling
Development Development is not real until it is sustainable development
Proliferation The computer virus caused a proliferation of network security devices
Progress We are making good progress on both fronts
Growth Everybody wants growth in their career
Maturation After fruit maturation, all fruits were collected before dehiscence.
Extension There is room for an extension on the other side of this property
Capitalism The struggle between Capitalism and Socialism started after the 2nd World War
Technology Science and Technology have made life very easy for humans
Industrialization Britain was the first country where Industrialization took place
Internationalisation Industrialization of the human community has allowed us to say the same about almost any language in the world.
Consumerism The growth of consumerism has led to many organizations improving their service to the customer

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Globalization Idioms and Phrases for IELTS

The IELTS Vocabulary often includes idioms and phrases in which candidates are required to write their meanings and use them in sentences. Candidates must have a proper understanding of the idioms and phrases included in the vocabulary part. Here is a table which highlights globalization idioms and phrases for IELTS.

Globalization Phrases Use in Sentence
Think outside the box To come up with creative ideas, you need to think outside the box
The world is a global village Technology has turned this world into a global village
A melting point The melting point of ice decreases with an increase in temperature
To be in the same boat He always complains about not having a strong financial background, but we are all in the same boat
To break down the barrier The USA and North Korea have started diplomatic relations to break down the barriers
To be on the same page The manager asked all the employees to be on the same page before submitting the monthly report
To have a foot in both camps With an Indian mother and an Arabic father, she has a foot in both camps
To be a global player Japan is considered a global player because of its economic value
To have a global perspective Economic issues are starker on a global perspective
To bridge the gap Education is considered a vital tool to bridge the gap between rich and poor

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