Phrases for IELTS Exam

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Phrases for IELTS Exam
Phrases for IELTS Exam

It is often said that using Idioms and Phrases in your writing and while speaking has some of the most power to increase one’s chances of getting into a high band in the IELTS speaking test. Keep in mind, that this speaking test is quite tricky as the candidate is tested on the basis of how spontaneously the candidate delivers a speech. The IELTS exam is a necessary exam which is to be taken for migration as well as for academic purposes for English-speaking countries like Australia, the UK, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada. This exam is only approved by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for visa applicants applying both outside and inside the UK.


In this blog, we will understand the importance of the usage of phrases in this blog. 

Exam Name IELTS
Full NameInternational English Language Testing System
Test FormatListening, Reading, Writing, Speaking
Conducting BodyBritish Council; IDP IELTS; and Cambridge University Press & Assessment

IELTS Eligibility 

Now, that we know about the IELTS exam, it is very important we also know what is the eligibility criteria for IELTS. 

Candidates should keep in mind that the IELTS exam can be taken at any age. Although it is preferred that the candidate should not be under 16 years. Other than this, there are no set eligibility criteria for the same. 

There are also no eligibility criteria set by the IDP, the conducting body of IELTS. Anyone who wishes to take the exam and wants to go abroad can take it. One should keep in mind that the exam is further structured in two parts: Academic and General Training.

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Phrases for IELTS Examples

Here are some of the important phrases which when used for the IELTS speaking test will help you a lot to boost your final band:

1. Short on cash 

Meaning: Not having the required amount of money

Example: He is currently short on cash.

2. Went up

Meaning: to move higher

Example: The average cost of a new house went up by five per cent 

3. Funny you should ask that

Meaning: Interesting thing

Example: Funny you asked that, I thought the same thing.

4. The rate dropped

Meaning: Fallen

Example: The rate dropped from 6 % to 3 %.

5. Over the moon

Meaning: Overjoyed/ excited

Example: She was over the moon about her surprise. 

6. Cutting-edge 

Meaning: to be at the forefront

Example: They could make it because of their cutting-edge equipment. 

7. Born to

Meaning: Having a natural ability/born talented

Example: He was born to be a painter.

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8. Let me get back to you

Meaning: Consider or remember something

Example: Let me get back to you on the project in the evening. 

9. Hold a sec

Meaning asking someone to wait

Example: Hold a sec. This is not what you said the other day.

10. If I had to take a guess

Meaning: Predicting something

Example: If I had to take a guess, I would say she might be an artist.


How long is the IELTS valid?

The IELTS exam is valid for a period of two years. 

How many attempts are there in IELTS?

In order to crack the IELTS exam, the candidate can give the exam as many times as they want until they get their dream/target score. However, the candidate will have to pay the IELTS test fee for every attempt. 

Which part of IELTS is most difficult?

Speaking of the IELTS exam, the hardest part of the test is the writing part. It is very important for the candidate to understand or crack the art of organizing their essay, understanding the task properly, proofreading the answer and finally focusing on the English language.

Hope this blog helped you in understanding the different types of phrases which can be used while giving or preparing for the IELTS exam.

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