Study Abroad: Extension of Applications for Malaysian Students

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Extension of Applications for Malaysian Students. Malaysia Exceeding Target by 2025 for New Applications of International Students.

Thrilling news to be shared with all of you as Malaysia Government is making efforts to build Malaysia as a student destination. “By 2025 Malaysia is enthusiastically working to reach its target for enrollment of 2,50,000 International students. So basically, Malaysia has extended its target to receive 50,000 new applications for International Students especially Malaysian Students! 

Study Abroad: Extension of Applications for Malaysian Students

For growth in new international student applications, Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) is actively working. EMGS is governing body which has the responsibility of promoting Malaysia to be categorised as a student destination. As per the media report estimated amount of applications received in 2022, is between 1,30,000 to 1,70,000. Malaysia is inviting new applications from International Students! Exciting right? Check this out to know more about it.

Accepting New Students Applications for Malaysian Students

Therefore, Malaysia has extended its target to receive new 50,000 student applications for International Students! Through the end of December, Malaysian public and private universities received somewhere around 51,270 applications. Moreover, there was a 27.5% increase in comparison with 2021. Moreover, some of the top countries willing to prefer Malaysia as a student-abroad destination are Indonesia, India, China, Nigeria and Bangladesh this is quite visible from the applications received. 

As per the trend in 2021, 47% of applications were received from Chinese students whereas according to the statistics of 2022, there were 43% of applications received from Chinese students Additionally, the total number of estimated figures turns out to be 21,943 applications where an increase of 15% was shown in students applications received.

Moreover, looking at the other top competitors including India, Bangladesh and Nigeria grew faster, which clearly shows that the Chinese applicants were less in number. 

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