Study Abroad In Ireland: Indian Students to Meet The Labour Gap in Ireland

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Indian students
Ireland with just 5 million population, worn with an ageing population, needs Indian students to fill the vacancies in the labour market.

Ireland’s Government has embarked on an international search for students and the labour force. The 5 million population of the country is mostly ageing as a result of which there is a severe shortage of labour. Indian students seem the perfect match for the vacancies in the country. Thus, the Government held an education fair for Indian students to attract them to Ireland with opportunities of working in some great industries. 


Education Fair

The Irish Government entity called ‘Education in Ireland’ held its Mumbai enclave to promote its higher education institutions overseas in India. On 15th February 2023, this enclave provided excellent work and study opportunities to Indian students. The education fair promoted 15 top Irish universities that provide to hone the skills of international students so that they can be absorbed into the workforce. Indian students are generally very meritorious. This is the opportunity that Irish Universities are depending on so that they can polish these students even more and provide them with critical jobs and fill vacancies.

Indian students can Fill the Irish Labour Shortage

Ireland’s labour industry has the lowest unemployment rate of 4.2% in the entire European Union. However, there is a huge hiring gap due to the ageing population. This is the reason that the Government is looking eastwards. Indian students will be given a 2-year ‘stay back’ visa to work in critical vacancies in the country. There are core companies having headquarters in Ireland such as Google, Meta, and Apple. These students can thus benefit from the great opportunities while increasing the workforce of Ireland. Clodagh Moore, Faculty of Engineering, said “What drives these study fairs is the fact that there’s a hiring gap in Ireland as we have strong companies, but not enough people to fill important positions. The Indian graduates can play a role in bridging this gap”.

Indian students in 2022 have filled 6,422 student visas which conformed for 950 at University College Dublin. Most other Universities had over 1,000 of international students from India in 2022 enrollments. The most opted courses by these students have been Business, Psychology, Computer science and Engineering. Here, it can be noted that the main streams where the workforce is critically required in Ireland are technology and finance. This makes most students with similar courses opt for Ireland over the UK.

Thus, Ireland is a great opportunity for Indian students looking to study abroad. The Government has also declared that housing options for these students will be satiated on a first-priority basis as the country has also been facing accommodation issues.

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