Study Abroad: Canada Mulls Changes to Express Entry System to Attract High-Skilled Immigrants

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Study Abroad: Canada Mulls Changes to Express Entry System to Attract High-Skilled Immigrants

Canada’s Express Entry system is used to select skilled immigrants for permanent residency. The system assigns points based on factors like age, education, work experience, and language skills. However, recent reports suggest the system can be improved.


Current System Prioritizes Short-Term Needs Over Long-Term Gains

A report by the C. D. Howe Institute suggests the current system focuses on filling short-term labor shortages in low-paying occupations. This could discourage investment and lead to unemployment in the long run. Additionally, lowering cut-off points to meet immigration targets might decrease the overall quality of skilled immigrants entering Canada.

Reports Recommend Focusing on Long-Term Economic Potential

Reports from the C. D. Howe Institute and the Business Council of Alberta (BCA) recommend changes to the CRS point system. These changes would focus on selecting immigrants with a high potential for long-term economic success in Canada.

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Key Recommendations

Refine Selection Criteria and Weights: Statistical analysis should be used to identify the best factors to predict immigrant success. The points assigned to each factor should also be reviewed.

Set a Minimum Point Threshold: This would ensure only high-quality candidates are selected.

Consider Pre-Admission Earnings: Pre-admission earnings are a strong indicator of future economic success. The CRS system could award points based on an applicant’s current salary.

Focus on Language Skills: A stricter approach to awarding points for language proficiency could encourage applicants to improve their English or French before immigrating. 

Award Points for In-Demand Skills: Research should be done to identify the skills most needed in the Canadian economy. The CRS system should then be updated to award points for these skills.

Study Abroad: Canada Mulls Changes to Express Entry System to Attract High-Skilled Immigrants

Benefits of a Reformed System

A reformed Express Entry system could lead to several benefits:

Better Economic Outcomes: Selecting immigrants with higher economic potential will benefit the Canadian labor market.

Enhanced Integration: Immigrants with strong language skills and relevant work experience are more likely to integrate successfully into Canadian society.

Sustainable Growth: Focusing on quality over quantity ensures long-term benefits for Canada’s economy and social fabric.

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Canada’s Immigration Targets

The Canadian government aims to welcome over 110,000 new permanent residents through the Express Entry system in 2024. A well-designed CRS system will ensure these newcomers can contribute meaningfully to the country’s economy. For more daily news updates follow Leverage Edu and start your study abroad journey today!

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