Study in USA: Expansion of Opportunities at MIT for Global Impact

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Study in USA: Expansion of Opportunities at MIT for Global Impact
Study in USA: Expansion of Opportunities at MIT for Global Impact
The Novo Nordisk Foundation has given the MIT-Denmark programme a grant of DKK 10.3 million (more than US$1.5 million) to assist its growth. 

MIT-Denmark offers MIT students the chance to work in Danish businesses, startups, and research organizations. However, by enhancing cooperation between the nation and the Institute, the programme seeks to support innovation. Especially in important scientific and technological fields in both Denmark and at MIT.


The programme, which is part of the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) umbrella, was established in 2018. It was in partnership with the Confederation of Danish Industry and has been a great success since then. Over 100 MIT students have taken advantage of the program’s internship opportunities, interning at more than 50 Danish organizations, businesses, and startups. 

Study in USA: Expansion of Opportunities at MIT for Global Impact

Opening Door for New Opportunities

“Overjoyed at the prospect of expanding the programme and continuing to have an impact abroad. These internships offer so much more than a typical summer job, claims Madeline Smith, managing director of MIT-Denmark. “This grant will open new doors to a useful global network, a new culture. Perhaps, a love for Denmark that could lead to a future international career.”

The MIT Centre for Global Experiences (MISTI) offers immersive international programmes. This enable MIT’s distinctive learning approach to implement in nations all over the world. Additionally, students are given the tools they need by MISTI to forge cross-cultural relationships. Also have an impact on the world, and obtain insightful insights that shape their worldview, career, and academic pursuits.

Moreover, MIT-Denmark is committed to MIT’s purpose of having an effect by tackling significant global challenges in sectors like computers, health care, and sustainability. 

These fields frequently align with the reasons students look for internships in Denmark, as they are aware of the nation’s prominence in such fields. Previous MIT-Denmark interns have worked at clean energy startups like Seaborg Technologies, which aims to make nuclear energy affordable and sustainable, at health care companies like Novo Nordisk, designing drug delivery devices, and at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, conducting quantum engineering research.

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