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Melbourne, Australia, is home to leading global universities, providing students with short courses that not only enhance their skills but also take less time to be completed. Some of the top universities in Australia are the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, La Trobe University, and Monash University. Taking these names into consideration, let’s go through short courses in Melbourne that revolve around a range of subjects, from law, and medicine, to science. As Australia is a popular study abroad destination, getting to know about short courses in Melbourne adds to the list of opportunities for students. Without further ado, let’s get to it. Read on!

Why Study Short Courses in Melbourne? 

Melbourne is a student city in Australia, involving global study opportunities for students. Australia in itself offers over 3000+ short courses, giving international students a range of options. Let’s read some of the reasons why one can choose to study short courses in Melbourne. 

  1. The cost of short courses is less than that of a full-length course program. 
  2. Short courses are provided in both online and offline forms, giving students the opportunity to choose their preferred medium. 
  3. Short courses can be taken up by international students despite their enrollment in full-time courses. This provides an additional up-skilling method for many. 
  4. Leading institutions offer short courses as well, improving the credibility of these short courses. 
  5. A certificate is awarded to students who complete the short course, which can be used as an important proof of credibility for students. 

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Short Courses Melbourne: University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is ranked 33 in QS World University Ranking 2023 and 34 in THE World University Ranking 2023. It is one of the best universities for international students. Some of the short courses offered by the university are mentioned in the table below. 

Course  Cost
3a Affiliate Trainer AUD 726 (INR 40,000)
Age-Related Macular Degeneration for Primary Eyecare Practitioners AUD 150 (INR 8235)
Biochemical Basis for Human Life AUD 275 (INR 15K)
Creative Digital Communications AUD 880 (INR 48K)
Urban Forests Masterclass: the Australian School of Urban Forestry AUD 1,900 (INR 1 lakh)

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Short Courses Melbourne: RMIT University

RMIT is an educational institution in Melbourne, Australia that provides industry-connected single courses that help students upskill and pursue their career change, if required. 

Course  Cost
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 1: Introduction to Networks AUD 1379 (INR 75K)
HSR Initial OHS Training Course AUD 1080 (INR 60K)
Journeyman’s Exam: Plumbing Registration AUD 750 – 900 (INR 41K to 50K)
LEA – Safe Work Practice Assessment (SWP) AUD 220 (INR 12K)
Revit Architecture – Level 1 AUD 1290 (INR 70K)

Short Courses Melbourne: La Trobe University

Being a part of the top 1% of universities worldwide, La Trobe University is also one of the best universities in Australia for gender equity. The prominent short courses it provides are tabulated below. 

Course  Cost
Cybersecurity short courses AUD 300–1,700 (INR 16K to 93K)
Cognitive Rehabilitation AUD 495 (INR 27K)
Laughter, Resilience and Wellbeing AUD 383.90 (INR 21K)
Introduction to Art Therapy AUD 475  (INR 26K)
The Science of Language and Reading – An Introduction AUD 275.00 (INR 15K)

Short Courses Melbourne: Monash University

Monash University is another one of Melbourne universities that provides short courses for the development of students as well as professionals. The table below shares some of those short courses. 

Course  Cost
Grid Forming Inverters Short Course AUD 2,970 (INR 1.6 lakh)
Human Biology Short Course AUD 885.50 (INR 48K)
Professional and Continuing Education in Radiation Therapy (PACE-RT): Perspectives of Psycho-Oncology AUD 750.00 (INR 41K)
Women’s Mental Health Online Course AUD 199 (INR 10K)
E-learning International AUD 132.00 (INR 7,000)

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Top Areas for Short Courses for International Students in Australia 

Melbourne is a part of Australia, and overall the country offers short courses in over 1500 + subjects. The most common and popular courses that students choose are creative writing, coding, project management, and more. The list below shares the most popular short courses that international students choose in Australia. 

Credits: Melbourne Business School


Q1. What are the short courses in Melbourne? 

Ans. The short courses in Melbourne cover a range of subjects, from management to medicine to science, government, and law. 

Q2. Which short course is best for a job?

Ans. A short course in Data science is extremely in-demand for a job. 

Q3. Which course is popular for international students? 

Ans. Nursing and cybersecurity courses are popular among international students. 

That was all about Short Courses Melbourne! For more such related information to study in Australia or to study abroad, you can contact Leverage Edu experts and counsellors at 1800572000 to book a free consultation today! 

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