Masters in Dentistry in Australia

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Masters in Dentistry in Australia

Australia is one of the great choices for students who wish to carry their future abroad. As of 2023, more than 3,60,000 students are enrolled in higher studies in Australia. The number of job openings in this country is immensely appreciable. Despite being the smallest continent in the world, it offers great opportunities to students who want to bring their abroad career. Hence, pursuing Masters’s in Dentistry in Australia is a great idea to take your career to the heights of success. 


What is Masters in Dentistry in Australia?

This course is a 1-2 year postgraduate course in the field of dentistry. The course aims to prepare dentists and dental hygienists to pursue leadership positions in their expertise field. Any bachelor of dentistry graduate can pursue this course in two major specialities, i.e. Coursework Master and Research Master. There are different Dental Schools in Australia that you can choose to continue.

After this let us go understand the core need to pursue this master in dentistry course, particularly in Australia.

Why Pursue a Master in Dentistry in Australia?

  • Australia is ranked number 3 among the world’s top 50 dental schools.
  • The dentistry course is in high demand and its scope is increasing day by day. 
  • It is one of the highest-paid courses in Australia and the salary lies between $75000- $164000 per year.
  • This course falls under one of the most skilled and sought professionals in Australia, which secures your way toward becoming a permanent resident in Australia.

Top 5 Universities to Pursue Masters in Dentistry in Australia

Here is a list of some of the top universities that a student can opt for.

UniversityQS Ranking 2022Program Offered & DurationTotal Tuition Fees (in AUD)
Griffith University243Masters of Dentistry, 2 Years$88,500 per year
The University of Sydney19Master of Dental Public Health, 1 year (part-time)2 years (full-time)A$54,000 for international students in 2023, which may vary per year. Also, it depends upon the domestic and international students.
The University of Adelaide89The Master of Philosophy (Dentistry), 2 years$56,000
The University of Melbourne14Master of Philosophy (Dental Science), 2 years (full-time)AUD$98,859

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for those who wish to pursue a master’s in dentistry abroad may vary from university to university. However, below is a list of general eligibility requirements to pursue this course in Australia.

  • The candidate must carry a graduate degree from a recognized university in the field of dentistry.
  • Candidates must carry a bare minimum percentage of 50-55% in their undergraduate exams.
  • Some candidates must also meet the admission requirements for a specific college to which they wish to apply.
  • Fewer colleges and universities may have their own entrance exams, which a candidate must qualify for.
  • If you are going to study abroad you need to pass English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

Required Documents

Apart from the eligibility criteria, you are required to keep the following documents handy while applying for a master’s in dentistry in Australia.

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Application Process

You must go through the following steps in order to apply to any university in Australia to pursue your master’s in dentistry.

  • Before starting with the process, just collect your college transcripts or final mark sheet of the 12th.
  • A statement of purpose will be essential to understand your reason to study master’s in dentistry at a particular university.
  • The first step is to decide on the course and the country to study abroad. Leverage Edu’s free AI Course Finder can assist you with this.
  • As a next step, go to the website of a particular university and start applying by filling in the right information.
  • Once you get an offer from the perspective university, accept it and start arranging the funds.
  • As a last step before flying to your dream university, the visa application process initiates.

Cost of Pursuing Masters in Dentistry in Australia 

The cost to study Master in Dentistry will depend on the university where you are taking admission. However, on an average basis, the total fees to pursue this course may vary between AUD 50,000 to AUD 80,000 per annum.

Cost of Living in Australia

Living costs in Australia are way higher in comparison to India. The expected cost to live there is 2-3 times higher than in India. Accommodation can raise up to 5-6 times the living cost in India.

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Average Salary

Your average salary will vary depending on numerous factors, like your job profile, your extra supporting skills, organization, and much more. However, in the standard salary package, you may expect $162831 per year in Australia. Rest depends upon your job profile, skill set, and the type of organization you are willing to work for.


What is the duration of the Master of Dental Surgery in Australia?

The average duration to pursue a Master of dental surgery in Australia is average 3 years, but it absolutely depends on the try, of course, you are choosing your university or college.

How long is MDS in Australia?

The MDS in Australia lies between 1-2 years but it also depends on your course type, university, and college.

Is it tough to get admission to Australia to pursue a master’s in Dentistry?

No, it is not tough to get through it if you are meeting the qualification expectation and is having all the documents ready with you.

The information stated above is all about the Master in Dentistry in Australia. Our expert team at Leverage Edu is here to hold your hand throughout the process to help you choose the right course and country for yourself. Call us at 1800572000 today to book yourself a  free counselling session!

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