Duolingo Daily Topic: Writing Task 5 (Write about the Image for about 1 minute)

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Duolingo Daily Topic: Writing Task 5 (Write about the Image for about 1 minute)

Ans. This vibrant image captures a lively scene in a city park where people of all ages are engrossed in flying kites. The sky is filled with kites of various shapes, colours and sizes, creating a beautiful contrast. The image possibly captures a scene from either Independence Day or Republic Day, occasions when kite flying competitions are held to express national pride. Several snack carts standing near the pathway contribute to the festive ambience.


Q 2. Write a description of the image below for 1 minute.

Ans. The image portrays a vendor,  standing in a bright orange jersey and a straw hat. He is engrossed in the act of peeling corn. His hands, adept and swift, unveil the golden kernels from their green husks. A collection of freshly peeled corn awaits customers in a basket before him. Absorbed in his task, he simultaneously enjoys a smoke and has a scooter at his disposal. This scooter serves as his mobile shop, enabling him to cater not only to passersby but also to local stores.

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