Different Essay Types in PTE Writing

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Different Essay Types in PTE Writing

The Pearson Test of English is an English Language test which is taken by candidates planning to join colleges or universities abroad. The examination is recognized by most countries and major universities. This widespread recognition has further increased the popularity of the PTE exam.


The PTE is a  computer-based test that is conducted for two hours and comprises three sections, i.e., speaking and writing, reading and listening skills. The candidates can take the test in a centre or in the comfort of their homes. 

In this blog, we will focus on the different essay types in the PTE writing section. 

Name of the exam Pearson Test of English
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Mode of examOnline
Purpose of examEnglish proficiency test
Sections English Writing and Speaking, Listening and Reading
Exam duration2 hours
Fees of examINR 15,900

Writing Section of PTE Exam

In the PTE exam, the speaking and the writing section are combined. This section lasts around 54-67 minutes and covers several distinct question types. This section of the PTE exam is one of the longest sections of the paper. There are two parts in the writing section of the PTE exam which are discussed below:

Question TypeTaskTime to Answer Prompt Length
Summarize Written TextNeed to summarize the given essay in a single sentence10 minutesText upto 300 words
Essay WritingNeed to write on a given topic20 minutes2-3 sentences

The PTE writing section analyzes the candidates’ proficiency in grammar, vocabulary, spelling and writing skills. The candidates appearing for the test need to complete the speaking section first and then move on to the writing section. 

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Different Types of Essay Writing 

There are mainly four types of essay topics in the writing section of the PTE test. The candidates appearing for the test are supposed to write the essay in a PTE-approved format. The candidates will be provided with a prompt of 2-3 sentences and based on that prompt, they will be required to write an essay. The types of essays are discussed below:

Argumentative Type 

In this type of essay, the candidates are given two options and they are supposed to stick to any one side and support it. This type of essay usually has an agree or disagree type of question. 

For example – Social media platforms should be banned from collecting user data. Agree or disagree?

Discussion Type 

While writing this type of essay, the candidates are supposed to write about a particular part of a topic while giving both sides and providing an opinion.

For example – When should juvenile offenders receive life sentences?

Problem-Solution Type 

As the name suggests, this type of essay is presented in a manner that the candidate is provided with a problem and the candidates are supposed to write about the possible solutions to it. 

For example – Teenage drug abuse in the United States is increasing day by day. What can we do to ensure that it does not harm teenagers?

Opinion Type 

In this type of easy topic, the candidates are supposed to present their own opinions on a particular topic. 

For example – According to you, who is the most influential person in the world? Support your question with examples. 

Preparation Tips to Score Better in the PTE Essay Writing Section

Candidates appearing for the PTE exam are required to undertake practices of essay writing. The more practice the candidate will do the better they will be able to perform. Candidates can practice improving their vocabulary and writing skills by solving different mock or sample question papers. Below are some tips that can be followed to score well in a PTE essay writing section:

  • Think about the topic first and check what type of essay you are required to write. 
  • Keep the essay on the topic and do not deviate.
  • Use proper spelling, vocabulary and grammar.
  • Use the correct format of the essay, i.e; introduction, two main body paragraphs and a conclusion. 
  • It is advised that candidates should make notes or some key points of the topic.
  • Try to use a variety of sentence structures and a range of punctuation.
  • You may also use synonyms to avoid the repetition of words. 
  • Always read your whole essay and proofread it before submitting it. 


What are the sections of the PTE exam?

There are mainly 3 sections in a PTE exam. They are reading, listening, writing and speaking sections. 

What is the validity of the PTE exam scores?

The PTE exam score is valid for a period of two years.

What are the different types of essays in a PTE writing section?

There are mainly four types of essays in a PTE writing section. They are argumentative, problem-solving, discussion and opinion-based essays. These are discussed in detail in this blog. 

In this blog, we have covered the different essay types in the PTE writing section. Candidates appearing for the examination can refer to this blog to improve their PTE writing scores and perform better across sections of the PTE exam. 

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