Cost of Living in Karlstad: Updated Prices, Comparison with Other Cities

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Are you an international student planning to study in Karlstad, one of Sweden’s picturesque provinces? Known for its blend of Swedish culture, education, and lifestyle, Karlstad is a popular choice among international students. Understanding the cost of living in Karlstad is crucial for managing your budget and ensuring a comfortable experience while studying there. So, what is the cost of living in Karlstad, Sweden, for a student?


If you are relocating here for your higher education and want to estimate the cost of living in Karlstad. In that case, this guide will help you and give you a detail of the essential living expenses you will face when living in Karlstad, and help you make an informed decision while planning the budget. Please keep reading to know more about the cost of living in Karlstad.

Cost of Living in Karlstad

The cost of living in Karlstad includes some essential costs such as accommodation costs, food costs, grocery costs, transportation costs, utility costs and some miscellaneous costs. The average cost of living in Karlstad for a single person is approximately SEK 13127 according to LivingCost Data. This cost may vary based on the chosen lifestyle, specific area, and other essential factors that a student might consider.

If we break down further and consider rent for a one-room apartment ranges from SEK 5,000 to SEK 10,000 per month. Food expenses are approximately SEK 5162 per month, and transportation costs are around SEK 772 monthly. Living expenses in Karlstad are close to the world’s average expenses. Now you have an idea of the living expenses in Karlstad. Let’s understand the essential categories of the cost of living in Karlstad one by one in detail.

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Costs of Accommodation in Karlstad

Accommodation costs in Karlstad are generally more affordable compared to many other provinces in Sweden. Accommodation costs cover the major part of the cost of living in Karlstad. So while planning your budget for Karlstad, it’s crucial to include this cost. However, before moving to Karlstad it is essential to carefully research and compare the apartment rent of different areas to ensure whether the cost meets your needs and budget.

The rental costs can vary according to the location, size, and type of accommodation you prefer. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre of Karlstad generally costs around SEK 1,390. For your convenience, we have compiled the average cost of housing data for various flats located both inside and outside the city centre.

Types of AccommodationAverage Monthly Cost
Student DormitoriesSEK 2500 – SEK 5000
Shared ApartmentsSEK 3000 – SEK 6000
Studio Apartments(small)SEK 5000 – SEK 9000
One-Bedroom ApartmentsSEK 8000 – SEK 12000
Private Rooms in Family HomesSEK 3000 – SEK 5000

Costs of Dining in Karlstad

Karlstad has a diverse restaurant scene that offers a variety of dining experiences, catering to all tastes and preferences. Whether you are craving local cuisine or international flavours, dining out in this province is both enjoyable and affordable. For your reference we have given the overview of the cost of dining in Karlstad with the restaurant name, description of food and average cost in the table below:

Type of FoodRestaurantsDescriptionAverage Cost
Swedish ClassicsJeremiaskrogenKebab pizzaSEK 80 – SEK 120
International FlavorsTaco BarSpice things up with delicious tacos, burritos, and nachos.SEK 50 – SEK 80
Healthy BitesGronsaksbuffenBuild your own salad bowl with fresh, seasonal ingredients at this vegetarian-friendly buffet.SEK 60 – SEK 90
Budget-Friendly EatsKebabpizzaKebab pizza slice or falafel wrap for a quick and affordable lunch.SEK 40 – SEK 60
Coffee & FikaEspresso HouseFuel your studies with strong coffee and sweet cinnamon.SEK 30 – SEK 40
Markets & Street FoodKarlstad farmers marketSamples of local delicacies, fresh produce, and international street food.SEK 20 – SEK 50

The cost of eating out in Karlstad can vary greatly depending on the type of restaurant you choose, the cuisine you choose, the number of diners, and the location of the restaurant. For students, regularly eating out can have a considerable impact on the cost of living in Karlstad. Therefore, cooking at home is often a more economical choice. Here is a rough estimate of the average cost of a meal at any restaurant in Karlstad:

Type of Food and RestaurantApprox Cost
Meal, Inexpensive RestaurantSEK 147.5
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-courseSEK 450
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)SEK 104.5
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)SEK 78
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle)SEK 79
Cappuccino (regular)SEK 43.12
Source: Numbeo

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Cost of a Utility in Karlstad

Utilities in Karlstad encompass a range of essential services that contribute to enhancing the quality of life. The services that are included in the utility of Karlstad are electricity, water, heating, internet, waste management, etc. Understanding the cost of these utilities can help students to manage their monthly expenses effectively.

The monthly utility cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Karlstad could be around SEK 1,003. However, this cost depends on the type of services used and the size of the apartment. Your monthly cost of living in Karlstad Sweden must include the utility expenses as they are important to consider and can affect your overall costs. The table below provides an overview of the average utility expenses in Karlstad:

Utility TypeUtility NameApprox. Cost
Basic Utility BillsWater, Electricity, Heating, etcSEK 1,003
Internet60 Mbps+, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL monthlySEK 358
Mobile PhoneMonthly Plan with Calls and 10GB+ DataSEK 299
Source: Numbeo

Costs of Transportation in Karlstad

Karlstad boasts a comprehensive transportation infrastructure that includes buses, cars, trains, trams, etc. It is important to evaluate transportation costs in Karlstad for you as a student because you will have to commute to and from college, and transportation costs can affect the total cost of living in Karlstad.

For your reference, we have given the average transportation cost in the table below so that you can estimate your transportation budget accordingly. Take an overview so that you can hang around the Karlstad area comfortably:

Mode of TransportApprox Cost
Ticket for Monthly Pass in a Public transportSEK 772
Ticket for Local Public transportSEK 31
Local tariff for the Taxi Ride of 1 km SEK 19.48
1 L Gas / PetrolSEK 19.48
Source: Numbeo
Costs of Transportation in Karlstad

If further, we separate each transportation mode, then what should be the transportation cost for individual modes? To give you a clearer understanding, let’s break down the transportation costs for each individual mode of transport in Karlstad. Below, we’ve provided specific costs associated with various modes of transportation in Karlstad.

ModeDescriptionAverage Cost(Single Trip)Average Cost(Monthly Pass)
TramFast, reliable, connects suburbs to the city centreSEK 26SEK 475
BusConvenient, Covers most of the city, frequent rides
SEK 26

SEK 475
BicycleEco-friendly, healthy, and affordableFree(Parking)SEK 200 – SEK 300(rental)
TaxiConvenient, door-to-door service 24/7 availability
SEK 80 – SEK 120

Uber/BoltConvenient, app-based booking, price estimates beforehand
SEK 80 – SEK 120


Miscellaneous Costs in Karlstad

In addition to essential living expenses like housing, utilities, transportation and groceries, various miscellaneous costs may you bear after some time during your ideal time in Karlstad such as a gym subscription, movie tickets, recreation, hangout places, a pair of dresses, small doctor’s appointments, etc. These Miscellaneous expenses an expat should consider when managing their budgets for Karlstad.

Miscellaneous expenses can vary depending on individual lifestyles and preferences but these expenses are important factors to consider in overall financial planning. You may require them at your ideal time after settling in Karlstad properly. Please refer to the table below for a detailed list of these charges.

Venue TypeExampleAverage Cost
Cafes & BarsWerkstadenSEK 250
CinemasBiograf RondoSEK 135 – SEK 220
Outdoor ActivitiesMariebergsskogenFree
Board Game cafesMeeple CitySEK 100
Student Events & PartiesKarlstad University Student Union EventsSEK 70
Museums & GalleriesVarmlands MuseumSEK 80
Brand JeansLevis 501 Or SimilarSEK 799
Fitness ClubGymSEK 439
Brand SneakersNike Running Shoes (Mid-Range)SEK 774
Doctor’s visitSEK 312

Cost of Living in Karlstad Compared to Other Cities

Karlstad is commonly considered a moderate city to live in comparison to some cities in Sweden. When comparing the cost of living in Karlstad Sweden to other areas, several aspects come into the picture, like housing, transportation, food, entertainment, etc. However, Karlstad remains an attractive option within Sweden for those seeking a balanced lifestyle with lower living expenses.

So to give you an idea of ​​how the cost of living in Karlstad compares to other cities like Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Toronto, and Edmonton. We’ve given the cost of living in other cities. Please have a look:

Cost of Living City WiseAverage Cost of living (including rent)Comparison with Cost of Living in Karlstad
Cost of Living in StockholmSEK  20954Higher than Karlstad
Cost of Living in BerlinSEK  21206Higher than Karlstad
Cost of Living in DenmarkSEK 20322Higher than Karlstad
Cost of Living in SwedenSEK  16662Higher than Karlstad
Cost of Living in EdmontonSEK 18303Higher than Karlstad
Cost of Living in Finland SEK 16157Higher than Karlstad
Source: LivingCost

Average Tuition Fess in Karlstad

Tuition fees at universities in Karlstad vary significantly depending on the institution, specific program, and level of study chosen. While some universities offer lower tuition fees, others may have higher fees for specialized programs. Understanding the tuition fees of the Karlstad universities is crucial as they can greatly influence the overall cost of living in Karlstad.

Prospective students are advised to carefully consider their educational objectives and financial resources. It’s important to check and explore the available scholarships and financial aid options provided by the university. Careful financial planning can help students maximise high-quality educational opportunities. Below is a table summarizing the tuition fees at selected universities in Karlstad:

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Average per year – SEK 70,000 – SEK 130,000

Postgraduate Programs:

  • Average per year- SEK 80,000 – SEK 235,000
  • Individual programs- Some master’s programs can change as high as SEK 580,000 per year.

Keep in mind:

  • It is possible that the actual cost of your particular program will be greater or lower than these averages, which are simply estimates.
  • The tuition costs that EU/EEA students pay are often lower than those that international students pay.
  • Studying in Karlstad may be less expensive if you are eligible for financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships.

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Why Choose Karlstad to Study Abroad?

Apart from getting an understanding of the cost of living in Karlstad, Sweden. You should also understand “why you should choose Karlstad to study abroad”. Karlstad remains at the top of the list of potential locations for studying abroad since it is a fantastic choice for international students.

This bustling city, which is located on the banks of Lake Vanem, provides an unrivalled combination of academic brilliance, stunning scenery, and a friendly attitude. The following are some of the reasons why Karlstad should be your next academic adventure.

Top-notch Education

It is well acknowledged that Karlstad University, which is Sweden’s biggest teacher-training university, is renowned for the high-quality education it provides and the variety of courses it provides. The educational program at Karlstad has something to offer any inquisitive mind, whether you have a love for engineering, business, art, or anything else in between.

Also, since the institution places such a high emphasis on research and practical skills, you will graduate with the knowledge and experience that companies are looking for.

Affordable Living

If you are looking for a place to study abroad, Karlstad is a great option since it is more affordable than other famous locations. Because rent, food, and transportation are all amazingly affordable, you can live a comfortable life without having to continuously worry about your financial situation.

Additionally, the profusion of student discounts and scholarships makes it much simpler to stretch your budget further. These facilities make the cost of living in Karlstad affordable.

Nature’s Playground

The city of Karlstad is not an exception to the rule that Sweden is recognized for its breathtaking natural beauty. You may consider Lake Vanem, the biggest lake in Sweden, to be your backyard since it provides you with many options to go Kayaking, Swimming, and Loung in the sun.

A stone’s throw away, you will find verdant woods and picturesque islands, all of which are waiting for you to explore them on foot, by bicycle, or even on horseback.

Cosy and Welcoming

Karlstad is a city that exemplifies the warmth and kindness that are characteristic of the Swedish people. The city emanates a warm and laid-back environment, which makes it simple to feel as if you are in your own home. Whether you are participating in student activities or chatting with residents at a quaint cafe, you will discover a community that is eager to welcome you and is ready to accept you.

A Gateway to Scandinavia

As a result of its central position, Karlstad is an ideal starting point for excursions across Scandinavia. It will just take a few hours for you to arrive in Oslo, Stockholm, or Copenhagen if you take a train. Experience the richness of a variety of cultures, unearth historical treasures, and make memories that will last a lifetime by immersing yourself in these experiences.

That being said, let go of the mundane and make room for the remarkable. Make Karlstad your destination for your study abroad trip, and be ready for an experience that will extend your views, test your perspectives, and leave you with memories that will long warm your heart.

Things to Know When Moving to Karlstad

Are you getting ready to go on your Swedish journey in Karlstad? Apart from understanding the cost of living in Karlstad, you should prepare yourself for an event that will enhance your life, but don’t forget to bring valuable information with you! Those students who are studying abroad should be aware of the following.

Visas & permits: Secure your student visa and residence permit well in advance.

Weather: Pack for all seasons! Prepare for chilly winters and embrace the sunny summer days by Lake Vanern.

Learning Swedish: Basic phrases go a long way! Consider enrolling in language courses or using language learning apps.

Your trip to Karlstad is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life if you combine this information with a dash of spirit of adventure.

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FAQs on Cost of Living in Karlstad

Q.1 What is the Monthly Average Cost of Living in Karlstad?

Answer: The monthly average cost of living in Karlstad for a single person is roughly SEK 13127, which includes rent. The estimated cost may change according to the student’s preferences on things, location and services.

Q2. How much does it cost to live comfortably in Karlstad, Sweden?

Answer: When compared to other cities in Sweden, Karlstad is comparatively inexpensive due to its location. Prepare yourself to spend around SEK 13127 which is equal to the average cost of living in Karlstad. Do not forget to include in your budget any extra costs, such as those for clothes, entertainment, and phone bills.

Q3. How much is the average rent in Karlstad, Sweden?

Answer: To live comfortably in Karlstad, the cost of housing rent typically ranges from SEK 5,000 to SEK 10,000. This amount of housing rent can vary and it may be higher in city centres but can be lower in areas outside the city centre of Karlstad, Sweden.

Q4. Do I need to speak Swedish to study in Karlstad?

Ans: A significant number of people at Karlstad University and in a variety of public places speak English. Learning some fundamental Swedish words, on the other hand, will go a long way toward integrating with the community in which you are living.

As a result, this was all about the cost of living in Karlsatd. A significant number of students have the aspiration of obtaining their education in other countries because of the opportunities for professional development and exposure that these countries offer. You might think about participating in a free counselling session offered by Leverage Edu if you want to study abroad.

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