Cost of Living in Hobart

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When students decide to pursue a study abroad program, they carefully weigh a variety of criteria, including not just the university and course they want to enrol in, but also the cost of housing, utilities, and other related expenses. The cost of living should be considered an important factor while setting up a budget for studying abroad. Hobart is considerably smaller than other Australian cities, thus the cost of living in the city and the suburbs isn’t that much different. Let’s get into more depth about the cost of living in Hobart. 


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Why Study in Hobart?

Australia is one of the most preferred countries to study abroad. Home to many world-renowned universities, it welcomes thousands of students from all over the world. The capital of Tasmania, Hobart, continues to amaze tourists as well as locals. It is the capital of Australia’s southernmost state and provides top-notch opportunities for education and research, Hobart is a fantastic destination to study because it has fantastic food, an intriguing arts and cultural scene, stunning scenery, and wonderfully warm inhabitants. Additionally, it has decent housing options both inside and outside the city, making it an amazingly cheap place to call home.

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Cost of Living in Hobart

Hobart blends the advantages of a large metropolis with a quaint atmosphere. It’s one of the safest locations in the world to study and is also Australia’s most inexpensive capital city. Let’s examine all of the factors that influence the cost of living.


A shared room in a home in central Hobart will probably cost you $238 per week (you’ll typically be living with professionals and other students), a serviced apartment will cost you $229 per week, and a one-bedroom flat will cost you $375 per week. In addition, homestay arrangements with nearby families are available for about $320 per week.

A one-bedroom apartment costs, on average, $350 per week in the city’s surrounding suburbs, while a room in a shared house outside the city costs, depending on the number of bedrooms available, about $202 per week. 

1 Bedroom Apartment

In City CentreAUS $1733.08
Outside City CentreHBA $1556.00

3 Bedroom Apartment

In City CentreAUS $2899.41
Outside City CentreHBA $3425.00

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Basic Utilities

It’s interesting to see that Hobart and Australia both have very affordable mobile call rates. However, online costs are fairly expensive. You should set aside about $200 each month for essential services that are crucial for day-to-day living in Hobart.

Electricity, heating, water, and Garbage for an 85m2 ApartmentHBA $ 306.79/month
Internet (60Mbps or more, unlimited data, Cable/ADSL)HBA $ 106.43/month
Mobile Phone Data 


It’s comforting to know that, gas prices are reasonable. Those who want to utilize public transportation, however, will find that a monthly pass is less expensive than in other Australian cities and is even considered affordable when compared to the average monthly salary of the population.

One-way ticket (local transport)HBA $4.50
Monthly Pass HBA $77.50


Hobart’s grocery costs are 9.81% less than the national average. Let’s examine the costs of some of the frequently used things in more depth.

Milk (1L)HBA $ 1.76
White Bread (500 g)HBA $2.70
Eggs (12)HBA $ 5.64
White Rice (1kg)HBA $3.16
Local Cheese (1kg)HBA $10.67
Potatoes (1kg)HBA $ 3.68
Lettuce (1 Head)HBA $ 2.70
Tomatoes (1 kg)HBA $ 4.75
Chicken Breasts (1 kg)HBA $ 10.08
Apples (1kg)HBA $4.59
Oranges (1 head)HBA $ 4.60
Bananas (1 kg)HBA $ 3.17

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Meals at Restaurants

Hobart’s restaurant costs are 1.59% less expensive than the national average.

Meal for two (Inexpensive restaurant)HBA $36.00
Mid Range Restaurant (Three-course meal for two people)HBA $ 100.00
Coke/Pepsi (0.33L)HBA $ 3.44
WaterHBA $ 2.33
Cappucino (Regular)HBA $ 4.97
Mcdonalds McMeal (or equivalent combo meal)HBA $ 14.00


Cinema (one ticket for an international release)HBA $ 20
Tennis Court rental (one hour on weekend)HBA $ 18.75
Fitness club (monthly fee for one adult)HBA $ 80.00/month

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Average Tuition Fee in Hobart 

In Hobart, there are 2 universities that provide 39 study options. 13 Bachelor’s, 13 Master’s, and 13 PhD programs are offered at 2 universities. University of Tasmania and the Worldview Centre of Intercultural Studies are two universities situated in Hobart. The average tuition fee in both universities ranges from $6,449- $6,514. 

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Facts About Hobart

Some of the interesting facts about Hobart.

  • Hobart, Tasmania, is the biggest city and the capital of the smallest state in Australia. It was established in 1804 as a British prison colony. 
  • Additionally, the city welcomes roughly 2 million visitors each year.
  • Tasmania is a very beautiful place with a lot of endangered animals, including the well-known Tasmanian Devil. Mount Wellington is the peak that towers over Hobart.
  • 122 elementary, secondary, and pretertiary (college) schools are located throughout the Kingborough and Brighton Municipalities, Clarence, Glenorchy, and Hobart City Councils, as well as the Greater Hobart region. These schools are a mixture of public, catholic, private, and independently managed institutions, with the majority of them located in the West, in the central business district of Hobart.


Ques: How much does it cost to live in Hobart per month?

Ans: In Hobart, the overall cost of living is around $1,790.

Ques: Is Hobart expensive to live?

Ans: Hobart’s cost of living is reasonable given the $3,051 average monthly pay.

Ques: What is the average salary in Hobart?

Ans: The average monthly salary for a worker in Hobart is $3,051 after taxes. There is no qualification-specific nature to it. According to the average cost of living, which is $1,790, $3,051 is a respectable pay.

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