Top 8 Canada Post Study Work Visa Rejection Reasons

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Canada post study work visa rejection reasons

There is no space for doubt that Canada is one of the best places to complete higher education and also has first place in the mind of a candidate who is aspiring to move there for studies and work. Canada is a hub of opportunities to study and work. International graduates from eligible Canadian colleges and universities have the chance to avail Post Study Work Permit which is also known as a Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PWPP). They can also apply for permanent residence. In this article, we will learn about Post Study Work Visa rejection reasons and tips to avoid them.


What Are The Canada Post Study Work Visa Rejection Reasons?

For the people who aspire to work in Canada and want to apply for the same Here are some of the Canada Post Study Work Visa Rejection Reasons for your reference-

  1. Lack Of Clarity In The Application- The applicant’s application is checked by IRCC Officers in a detailed manner and if they find any incomplete or inconsistent information then there is a high chance that they will reject the application. 
  2. Lack Of Qualifications and Experience– Applications get rejected by applicants who lack qualifications and experience according to the job role for which they have applied.
  3. Insufficient Documents- Not submitting the required documents as needed in the application can lead to the rejection of your application.

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4. Specific Cases In Heavy Scrutiny- You can face rejection if you apply for a work permit within a specific category suppose you have applied for a study visa to live with your partner studying in Canada then IRCC Officers will do the investigation and if you fail to show them that your relation is genuine then you will be likely to face rejection.
5. Not Having Sufficient Funds- IRCC Officers may reject your application if you fail to show that you have sufficient balance in your account to survive and bear the cost of living in Canada.
6. False Offer Of Employment- Your application may get rejected if the IRCC officer finds out that the job offer from the Canadian employer is not genuine.IRCC Officers call the employer from whom the applicant got the job offer so the applicant’s application with a false job offer gets rejected.
7. Weak Ties To Home Country- If the IRCC Officers suspect that their applicant has weak ties to their home country then the application will get rejected and it will become difficult to convince officers that you intend to go back to your country after the expiration of your work permit.
8. Previous Refusal- If the applicant has previous refusals these refusals will be checked out by the IRCC Officers and they only choose the trustworthy people to grant work permits.

Canada post study work visa rejection reasons

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How To Avoid Canada Post Study Work Visa Rejection Reasons?

After acknowledging all the reasons for a Canada post-study work visa rejection Here are some tips to avoid Canada post-study work visa rejection reasons-

  • Preparation In Advance– Applicants are suggested to start to prepare their application in advance to avoid any errors this includes collecting documents priorly and filling out applications with correct and authentic information and you can seek the help of a Canadian Immigration consultant to help you if you are stuck anywhere.
  • Assistance- Applicants can go and get the help of a licenced Canadian immigration consultant if they are not sure or have problems at any stage of their application process.
  • Addressing Previous Immigration Issues– If you have had any immigration issues previously then there is a way to submit your application in this case you have to address them before the submission of your application.
  • Transparency- Applicants must stay transparent and should not lie throughout the process about anything and true information and documents should be submitted.
  • Financially Prepared– Applicants must make sure that they have sufficient bank balance in their account to survive in Canada and this will depend on in which location they will stay in Canada and for how long.
  • Legit Job Offer-Applicant have to make sure that the employer who has given the job offer is legit and able to meet all requirements of the ICRC’s standards.

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Can I get a Canada visa after 3 refusals?

IRCC Officers refuse visas many times after knowing that the application also has previous refusals they check it out thoroughly and if they find that previous reasons are not of high concern and get corrected to this time then they approve the application.

Why does PSW get rejected?

Your Post Study Work Visa application may get rejected for many reasons but there is one major reason which is that the applicant did not pass their course. Suppose you applied for a work visa before you received your course results from your higher education. 

How many days will it take to get PSW?

After the submission of your application with all required documents then the processing time is typically Eight weeks for those who are living in the UK and it takes three weeks for those who are outside the UK.

What is the fee for PSW in the UK?

The Post Study Work Visa includes a Visa application fee for two years of 822 Euro and an immigration health surcharge of 2070 Euro. The total amount will be 2892 Euros.

After covering all Canada post study student visa rejection reasons and what steps should be followed to avoid Canada post study work visa rejection reasons we end this article to know more information about studying abroad, universities and visas abroad do follow Leverage Edu’s page.

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