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Are science and maths your strong point? Do you take pride in your technical problem-solving skills? If yes, you need to pursue your career as an engineer. B.tech is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees for candidates who want to complete their engineering studies. When you complete your graduation, you will be able to become an engineer. Thanks to this specific course, students could develop their analytical skills, technical skills, and soft skills. Students who want to pursue their B.Tech at a reputed foreign university would find this blog super informative. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about pursuing B.Tech in abroad. Without further ado, let’s get started. 


Why You Should Pursue Your B.Tech in Abroad?

Education will play a primary role in shaping the careers of the students. When you get your bachelor’s degree in the field of engineering, you will be able to leverage the benefits of numerous career opportunities. Here are some reasons why you should pursue your B.Tech in abroad. 

Higher Financial Security 

This is one of the best benefits of pursuing a B.Tech degree abroad. When you choose foreign colleges, you will be placed in a different league. This is because candidates who graduate from foreign universities receive the best value in the Indian job market. As you will be developing numerous essential skills, you could enhance your financial security. 

You Can Learn about Entrepreneurship

If you want to become a quality engineer, you should focus on the colleges abroad. Apart from working with the latest technologies, you will also be able to come up with new and unique ideas. 

Nowadays, the demand od popularity of the startups is increasing in the different job markets. Many candidates pursue B.Tech so that they can gain the proper skills and knowledge to launch their own startups. The knowledge you acquire will help you understand the important business skills so that you can reach a new height of success without any problem. 

Innovation and Creativity 

Pursuing a B.Tech degree at a reputed foreign college would undoubtedly prove one of the most innovative career options. The study culture in foreign colleges requires creativity and innovation of new technologies. This way you would be able to enhance your problem-solving as well as thought process skills. 

Keep in mind that B.Tech is one of the most versatile degrees where candidates can choose any job designation they want. However, some certain B.Tech courses are more popular than others, thanks to technological growth and market demand. Here are some of the most desired B.Tech in abroad courses to choose from:

Top Universities Abroad to Pursue B.Tech Degree

Just because you want to pursue your B.Tech degree doesn’t mean that graduating from any college would prove beneficial in your career. If you want to achieve new heights, you need to make sure you’re enrolling on one of the most prestigious universities. Here are the top universities abroad to pursue a B.Tech degree.

Name of the University Country FeesQS Ranking 2023 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology USAUSD 40,051 (INR 32 Lakh)1
Stanford University USAUSD 45,853 (INR 37 Lakh)2
University of Cambridge UKGBP 24,069 (INR 24 Lakh)3
University of Oxford UKUSD 22,500 (INR 18 Lakh)4
University of California USAUSD 45,856 (INR 37 Lakh)5
Imperial College London UKGBP 26,510 (INR 26 Lakh)6
ETH Zurich Switzerland7
Harvard University USA USD 47,074 (INR 38 Lakh)8
Tsinghua University China 9
California Institute of Technology USAUSD  (INR 46 Lakh)10

Admission Process

This is one of the most important pieces of information you need to know if you want to study your B.Tech courses abroad. The admission process will determine whether you’re entitled to take admission to a specific foreign university or not. If you make mistakes during the admission process, you will end up affecting your whole application process. As a result, you will end up missing your chance at studying in the foreign college you’ve chosen. 

Eligibility Criteria 

This is another important thing you should keep in mind while applying for a B.Tech course abroad. The candidates need to pay close attention to the below-mentioned eligibility criteria to know whether they are eligible for pursuing this course or not. 

  • The candidates need to complete their 10+2 examination in the science stream. In addition, their marks in maths, chemistry, and physics also need to be great. 
  • The candidates need to make sure they have completed their 10+2 education and examination from a reputed board or school. 
  • If you want to get admitted to reputed foreign universities for marine engineering, you need to make sure you’re passing the IELTS tests.

Application Process

The application process for studying at a reputed university isn’t hard. All you need to do is contact or visit our website of Leverage Edu. We are always here to help you choose your dream university. It doesn’t matter what course you want, we will go through your documents and determine your chances of getting into the university.

Depending on the university, there might be two or three intakes. Here’s a quick list you need to consider:

  • Choose the university in Perth where you want to study
  • Contact Leverage Edu and check the requirements. 
  • Complete the application process and submit essential documents. 
  • Pay the tuition fees upon receiving the offer letter from the university. 
  • Apply for a student visa.

Documents Required 

There are a couple of documents you need to submit while studying in Perth. The list includes

  1. CV/ Resume 
  2. Letter of Recommendation
  3. Letter of Intent 
  4. Statement of Purpose 
  5. 10th mark sheet 
  6. 12th mark sheet 
  7. UG certificates (if applicable)
  8. Passport 
  9. Visa 
  10. GRE/GMAT

B.Tech Abroad Tuition Fees Country-Wise 

Many students assume that the B.Tech fees abroad will be the same, despite the country they choose. However, contrary to popular belief, the tuition fees will depend on the country as well as the university you’re choosing. For instance, pursuing B.Tech at a reputed US university will always prove more expensive than a reputed Canadian university. Here are the country-wise breaks for B.Tech courses. 

B.Tech Colleges in the USA

Name of the University Course Duration Tuition Fees 
Dakota State University 4 yearsUSD 12,500 (INR 10 Lakh)
Southern Arkansas University 4 yearsUSD 12,500 (INR 10 Lakh)
Eastern Michigan University 4 yearsUSD 12,500 (INR 10 Lakh)

B.Tech Colleges in UK

Name of the University Course Duration Tuition Fees 
University of Manchester3 yearsGBP 23,230 (INR 23 Lakh)
Convent University 3 yearsGBP 16,500 (INR 17 Lakh)
University of Edinburgh 3 years GBP 27,400 (INR 27 Lakh)

B.Tech Colleges in Canada 

Name of the University Course Duration Tuition Fees 
Dalhousie University 4 years CAD 23,800 (INR 14 Lakh)
McGill University 4 yearsCAD 47,600 (INR 29 Lakh)
Memorial University of Newfoundland5 yearsCAD 8,200 (INR 5 Lakh)

B.Tech Colleges in Australia 

Name of the University Course Duration Tuition Fees 
University of Adelaide 4 yearsAUD 41,500 (INR 23 Lakh)
La Trobe University 4 yearsAUD 33,200 (INR 18 Lakh)
University of South Wales 4 yearsAUD 23,000 (INR 12 Lakh)

Scholarships to Study B.Tech in Abroad 

This is one of the most important things you need to know if you have plans to complete your B.Tech courses at a foreign university. Financing the tuition fees along with the living costs will undoubtedly prove extremely expensive, especially for Indian students. This is where scholarships will save you. 

If you manage to obtain a scholarship, you will be able to complete your study without any problems. Here are the scholarships that you need to pay close attention to:

Global Study Awards 

This scholarship is awarded to candidates who are pursuing either bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Whether you’re planning to choose the USA, Australia, Canada, or the UK, you will be able to bad this scholarship. The global study awards scholarship will cover both your tuition fees and living expenses. 

Make sure you visit Fly Finance if you want an education loan. 

Merit Scholarships for UG Students 

This limited number of merit scholarships is available for graduates who are choosing specific programs every year. The Merit Scholarship is applicable as per numerous technologies offered within the bachelor’s program. 

Career Scope

We know you have been waiting for this part. As mentioned earlier, when you complete your B.Tech graduation from a reputed university abroad, you will be able to bag high-paying job offers. However, you also need to make sure you’re completing your course materials and developing relevant skills. 

Best Job Designations 

The best job designations after completing your B.Tech in abroad are:

Salary Country-Wise 

Just like that the tuition fees and cost of living would depend on the country you’re choosing, and the salary would also heavily depend on the country as well as the job profile. Here’s the best salary you can expect after completing your B.Tech in abroad. 

Country Salary 
UKGBP 72,000 (INR 72 Lakh)
USAUSD 57,000 (INR 46 Lakh)
CanadaCAD 76,000 (INR 46 Lakh)
Australia AUD 112,429 (INR 62 Lakh)


Is it beneficial to study B.Tech abroad?

Studying B.Tech abroad will undoubtedly prove extremely beneficial for you. However, you need to make sure you’re completing your education at a reputed university. 

Which country is best for B.Tech?

The USA is the best country you can choose as your study abroad destination. Thanks to the availability of numerous prestigious universities and great course materials, you can reach new heights when you choose a reputed US university. 

How much can you expect after completing your B.Tech graduation?

The average salary package will depend on the country, the university, the company, and the job designation you’re applying to. In general, it will be higher than the average market standard. 

This is everything you need to know about B.Tech in abroad. If you want to pursue your study abroad journey, you need help from the professionals of Leverage Edu. Make sure you call us on 1800 57 2000 today for a 30-minute free consultation. 

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